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Vito our guy Ed Clements back with us on Monday, but Ben Clements serviceable job filling in today. Thanks for being here. Thank you. Jason. If I might follow along with us on Twitter and Facebook at sports talk, LBJ. Patricia Brandon is going to throw up the photo of two Stashes and a dick. Um, and wish everyone a great weekend in a Friday, Lucia and I would like to know who does have the stronger stash the younger Buckaroo Clements over here to make them feel comfortable. Beato shaved himself a moustache today. Very welcoming of you, Beato. Excellent. Look for both of y'all Can't do the moustache. I got despite losing some of the way I still have my next to fat. All right? I have if I My take off my beard hairs here. I wouldn't do that to yourself. Hey, hold on. That net hangs out. Honey, You're beautiful. Oh, hey, you shave a lot and see you've got the makings of a cool like if you even kept this part right here because they stick going down like now. This right? There would be pretty slick, like some handlebar type situation. Handlebar it up. Mm. What about just like a little pleasure patch? Can I leave that? Oh, yeah. Well, God, you're going to leave the soul patch. Is that not a thing that tried that for a while and play anymore. I think if you did that, you'd have to wear socks with your sandals. Um and Jason, if I might congratulations to the U T baseball team that was a whooping in the first round of the regional that we're hosting 11 0 over Southern today and congratulations to the best player on the Longhorn football team a few years back. He is a goat when it comes to the world of kicking Our guy Michael Dickson. Oh, just signed a brand new contract. What's he getting paid for? $15 million. Wait. We're really yes. That's gonna be the the length of the contract. Five million years. First to five million a year. We got got drafted, So they weren't not his first time. Miami? Yeah, No, but he is a goat. Dude can also run very fast. Yes, he can. All right. Get the details. He was comes in handy. LBJ. Uh, I mean that his senior year he was the best player on the team. He won the M v p of the ballgame. He was I was, uh, that was a sad time for us. But it's a happy time for Michael Dixon. Yeah. Good job. So Texas eventually made most likely have the best Potter of all time and then possibly the best kicker of all time. No In the NFL. Yes. Talk about Justin Tucker and Michael Dixon. The two best kickers of all time. Maybe. All right. That is true. All right. No offense to Phil Dawson, er Adam Vinatieri, but No Tucker's money, dude. Yeah. So money, baby. He doesn't even know is the current, uh, best punter of all time of record. I mean, we're dead. Great guys. The name of the day Award is named after him, but Michael Dixon, Michael Randall Cunningham. Oh, yeah, reported that one time I did. That was a long punt. Marilyn, I I picked the Lakers to win last night, so there's no way LeBron is going to do it. That was the point. That was done. That was not good. LeBron 29 points, nine rebounds, seven assists. He appeared to be motivated didn't exactly how it didn't have the help that he needed. Anthony Davis would. We ran out there with a busted groin and quickly? It was like I can't do this. Um, What I did not see coming was Devin Booker. Just the first quarter was nuts. He he refused to miss six of six from three. In the first quarter. 47 points for the young son in the Lakers eliminated 1 13 100. Not much of a title defense. Devin Booker. You guys know he's got a Kobe tattoo that she really Yeah. Yeah, of what? Like the portrait on his forearm. He has a I guess it's a It's a tribute to Kobe. Let's see. A lot of Kobe wrote on a pair of shoes for them after they faced each other at the Staples Center Six years ago, he wrote, Be legendary. Okay, So Devin Booker went and got that tattooed. Here he is, after the game was thinking about cold.

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