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Rubber queens a nice pass rusher mark baird alec autry linebackers fast physical guys but the secondary the rams of the problem it's a it's a problem and it isn't that ryan can just get his act together especially in the resort that could be a problem but look i love this all sense i love tall girls i've always loved bear gall people want people to robert wood love everyone can and only great he's onto something see lay he's wanted to some two guys out there the importance of coaching chemistry relationships i'm telling you owners have to get that right because the rams nail although if they bought there were no with a nail on one thousand new no they may have nailed it and i i definitely believe as it is obviously a significant upgrade for official we all know this but my goodness and so i in and they have nothing to load the falcons in and they have nothing to lose all the rim a patriot call it up now said iran's are gonna go to minnesota and went yup are there things that loss and in minnesota winner go go to philadelphia all right lewis you're not fun lewis bad guy all right lewis i appreciate it you have a nice wonderful evening and a wonderfully we'll be looking for this you're up there i may are you gonna analyze it again no no no no going out there are no but all of wide on i'm going to show up for the national championship game monday at all i i'll go i'll be.

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