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Rare form of motor neuron disease the onus left him in a wheelchair and launch ly able to speak except through voice synthesizer he went on to become internationally renowned research on black holes and relativity and wrote several popular science books including the bestselling a brief history of time in a statement is three children described their father as an extraordinary man and praised his courage and persistence the british astronaut timpee said professor hawking at inspired generations to look beyond their own blue planet and expand our understanding of the universe he said his personality ingenious would be sorely missed theresa may is expected to set out the punitive measures the government plans to take against russia after moscow fail to meet midnight deadline to explain how a nerve agent was used to attack a former spy on british soil so gays cripple and his daughter yulia remained critically ill in hospital senior ministers will be updated on the latest evidence and then the prime minister is expected to announce sanctions against diplomats and businesses possibly including russian media organizations the government is to spend fifty million pounds trying to create more cohesive communities especially in five towns and cities in england marked by ethnic and religious divisions there will be held for people wanting to improve their spoken english and for women wanting to find jobs the prudential insurance company has announced it is to split into two it has said it will spin off one of the best known parts of its business the fund management company msg the decision marks the latest shakeup in the fund management industry which is facing tough competition the university of mosul in iraq which was left in ruins by his lamb estate militants is to begin restocking its library with nearly four thousand new books donated from the uk electra told the bbc he was so happy when the books arrive from britain he danced it is twenty six minutes to eight now too many communities in this country to segregated not necessarily in a.

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