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FM Nihar radio station. Even the polar vortex cannot stop the fact that it is Friday eve beyond the headlines now this morning's Mike Gavin is here with a look at some of the other stories you'll be talking about this morning. Good morning. Well, it's the time of year where we all say, we're watching what we eat often with mixed results. If you're someone who is taking healthy eating habits seriously in two thousand nine hundred and keep an eye on the clock striking to forty one PM the afternoon. A survey of two thousand Americans found that that's the specific time of day when willpower is most tested and craving strike the hardest and while the mid afternoon lull sees temptation most commonly strike. The study also says Americans think about food an average of four times a day and spend forty minutes per day purely thinking about food that adds up to more than two hundred forty hours per year or the equivalent of ten solid days. Also among the findings over two thirds of people admit to feeling a pesky urged for a snack at the same time. Most days urges for something. Sweet are the most common occurring craving with salty spicy savory and smokey rounding out the top five flavor cravings chocolate is the food we crave the most along with Honey, bacon barbecue and cheese. I'm in this pattern now where I have a real hardy workout in the morning. Yeah. Go home and eat something relatively healthy. Okay. And then at the back end just go beserk on snacks like chips and cookies can't like as part of my now unbalanced breakfast, right? I don't know. Nice good workout healthy meal. And again when we're eating it's eating chicken at the time of the hours, we work. But I'm now, I'm just at the back end of this, celebrating the workout and healthy breakfast with cookies and chips. I I don't know what I'm doing is out of control. And I think the timing on. This is completely thrown off for us this whole to forty one in the afternoon thing. I mean, that's our bodies have no idea. What time anything is? Because of the early we wake up in the morning. This doesn't not make a whole lot of sense by with you on that whenever I do have a really really good workout. I definitely blow it on the back end. At some point with desserts, are extra helping dinner or something Billy thing that works is that because this is happening like late morning. I have a chance throughout the rest of the data somewhat burn it off. Yeah. I'm not doing it for go to bed. But I am right now. I'm just a train wreck in the kitchen. Wintertime is is not good. I think for you know, stay inside. And then snack much and admittedly. Gordon? I know very little about how to rob a Bank even doing so many of these Bank robbery gone wrong stories during the segment, I would think however that if I decided that robbing a Bank was a good idea at least have the conviction to stick with the plan and try to see it through that doesn't appear to be the case for a woman in Massachusetts. Who apparently walked into a Bank intending to rob? It got cold feet and walked out the door with nothing. Fall River police say the woman walked into the Fall River municipal credit union wearing all black with a ski cap and sunglasses on Monday afternoon and approach to tell her police say the woman hesitated told the teller give me a minute and went to a counter and wrote on a piece of paper, Bank, employees piece the note together, and it said give me the money. Anyone who recognizes the woman is asked to call Fall River police who I'm sure have many questions. Here's what I'd like to do. Yes. Just for fun. And I don't think have to do it. Put on a black ski mask and sunglasses dressed in all black, right? And hand the teller a note that says I'd like to make a deposit just to see like what would happen. Yeah. They they love it when you play around with that, Ben Gordon. Love a good jokester like you coming in their security. See how that works out for you. Thirteen minutes now in front of the hour..

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