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ERC E many prices are still high but inflation may be moderating says ABC's mark remould a key gauge that's tracked by the fed up 6.3% last month from the year before but marking the first slowdown since November 2020 consumer spending rose a healthy .9% That potentially encouraging news about inflation helped fuel a broad rally on Wall Street posting its best week in 18 months S&P 500 Index rose over 6% this week the NASDAQ and the S&P indexes rose for the third straight day The jury now has the case in the Johnny Depp defamation trial after Amber Heard return to the stand yesterday ABC's Trevor alts On the stand herds accused Depp of several instances of domestic and emotional abuse all of which Depp denies His legal team trying to point out inconsistencies and herds testimony with witnesses contradicting her account I know how many people will come out and say whatever for him That's his power And in taking questions from her own legal team heard says the worst parts of her life were now being used to humiliate her Here's a racing star who wants more than cold hard cash He wants crypto cabbage More athletes are getting into the crypto craze with their sponsors Conor Daly says he is happy with the 7 figure payout if he wins the Indy 500 Sunday but added that he also has Bitcoin bonuses written into his contract a deal he brokered in Vegas This is ABC News And this is northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7 We check your traffic every ten minutes on the fours a holiday weekend A lot of people want to know about the roads Natalie Melendez has the latest in the dubin law group traffic center Well I 5 is looking really good out there It looks like there's no delays if you are wanting to head towards Tacoma for the weekend and Seattle outside a Beacon hill both lanes of rain or avenue are still closed between walker and college street and its close for fire activity And I got an update in fife on I 5 south at accident on the right shoulder at exit one 36 is cleared and it looks like.

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