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In a little bit too intellect taco Rossa, which neuroscientist throwing a window. Now, we're born of blank slate, which not quite actual. There's there's genetic Harry Carey forwards from the past from your parents, your grandparents great grandparents on one year, then the nets in the death theory. You could have a lack of self love EPA genetically transferred. But it's such a it's it's not that you have it would be like. Most signs all signs that outright, which is significant although sadly, significance neuroscientists have a few. You know? Sweet. But. You you might be predisposed something it was not an inevitability. But that's. All right. Sure. But if you saw for the notion rights, just the what's going on with you. And you could even you could make case for its cause. In fact, redoubts if I don't know that's known almost neon now. Like what's going on with me? I am lettera Lii in my wife. Prove it. The love for me doesn't exist. And I don't it seems like I'm getting relationships in wannabe relationships. One love and have this yearning. But on the other hand even time to my wife where it's there, and I'm throwing anchor night them, which is advertised for. Right. I am sabotaging my relationship, I know Donut hole gone to all these other services building. So my parents all the time of his young that's all surface. So in the book say look what if what if a fundamental part of your existence.

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