American Legion Bridge, Annapolis, D.C. discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


The earlier crash we had southbound two 70 at the ramp from shady grove road has cleared along with those delays. Route 50 from Annapolis to the bay bridge a smooth ride as you make your way across the bay bridge without delay, we have two lanes traveling east three lanes traveling west. The governor Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge is also flowing freely again no delays to report, heading over into the district D.C. two 95 is flowing, no delays to report I 95, check that I two 95 to and from the capitol beltway is also flowing freely. On the Virginia side, beltway traffic is looking good between Alexandria and Tyson's earlier delays we were seeing from two 67 heading toward the American legion bridge have cleared I 66 seeing brief delays westbound just outside the beltway as you make your way toward nutley street. Nothing yet reported blocking I 95 was also running may have some crash activity, southbound as you make your way across the Aquaman, however nothing yet confirmed. New chef's chicken sandwiches from Panera, pan seared chicken, a secret garlic aioli recipe, Parmesan crisp and pickle chips all on a buttery brioche roll. Try one for only a dollar delivery fee when you order on their app restrictions apply. I'm only fly through WTO traffic. Now, to storm team four, meteorologist, Howard Bernstein. Still a little damp out there through the early evening hours, but as the evening wears on, the showers will be diminishing more and more going from mostly cloudy to even

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