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She got him my other favorite, by the way. CBS has Evan Washburn. Who the other side, Leonard porter? He when CBS does the Super Bowl he gets to talk to the losing coach. And I'm pretty sure this was only on CBS S N. I did not see it on the actual big CBS post game show. But Evan Washburn often looks more shaken than the losing coach like he he start. I think it was. Rod Rivera couple of Super Bowls gonna guess a coach, Bobby. I don't know. What did I don't know? What to say by God? You know, you must and Ron Rivera actually looked fine. And I was like on Rivera's. Okay. Somebody go. Find somebody go get some help for Evan Washburn. But I just want to know that he he sort of corrected this time and Sean McVay legitimately look sadder than Washburn. That was that was kind of a big moment in in Super Bowls for me. Quote of the game. Or of the post game goes to Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth told our very own Robert Mays at the end of the day. We're all gonna die. Which feels like the existential sequel to the all-time quarter quote from Duane Thomas running back the Cowboys who said if the Super Bowls the ultimate game. How come they're playing it again next year, which is really fantastic. They are book ends if you want to get past ex's nodes, go talk to Wayne Thomas or Andrew Whitworth. That was awesome. Like, we're this had a great role ever since he signed with the with the Rams has taken on this weird like spiritual animal role for the for the entire press corps. I don't know if it was of like the sad shape of the teams that he played for before signing there. But you know, it it there is something very interesting about, you know, some players will sign with a team like the Rams and be seen is like front runners or ring chasers. And he's just sort of like this, you know, workaday guy who's just like trying to find success in a win a world where he's never been able to sniff. It, you know, and and and it it it sort of fitting, maybe maybe I'm reading too much into it. And maybe it's. Just that this guy is just been the most incredible, quote, the entire time or this just sort of like dark philosopher their edits entire career. That was a real a real incredible moment in one of those great moments where multiple people like everybody in the scrum tweeted at quote the exact same time. You know, everybody's everybody wants to get that out there in the world. Yeah. And maize tweeted, the context makes a lot more sense. But it just sounded like the ultimate dire losers locker room, quote, by the way, I think it's part of the part of the part of the power of it is how Andrew Whitworth looks. Because he looks kind of like, you know, John Fetterman who's the Lieutenant governor, Pennsylvania mayor. So like when existential truths are coming out of the mouth of a guy that just looks like that, it's a little bit more of a little bit gives it a little more who've I wanna close David by talking about the Washington Post commercial. They're ran in the fourth quarter during the two minute. Warning. Let me give you a little bit of Tom Hanks doing the narration. When our nation is threatened. There's someone to gather the facts. To bring you the story. No matter the cost. Because knowing empowers us. Knowing helps us decide. Knowing keeps us free. They used to have a halftime act of the Super Bowl called up with people that was like in our childhood. So this is up with journalism. This is this is the sequel, this is the I love this tweet from our old pal. Dan, amber, of course, the newspaper industry would invest its remaining millions in an ad that runs when the game is essentially over no one cares anymore. That was. Also a note from page six which might be true Jeff visas pulled the plug on a twenty million dollars Super Bowl ad for his spaceflight company,.

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