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Baseball's final four got underway in Milwaukee last night with one of the NFL CS wanna Braun Swain a bouncer through the right side of base said they're going to send Santana up throwing the throw is cut off run-scoring single Ryan Braun. It's one Milwaukee. Jeff levering on brewers radio game one to the brewers. They beat the dodgers six to five lead the series one game to non brewers reliever. Brandon Woodruff had a homerun off Dodger's starter Clayton Kershaw who took the loss. Allowing four runs and six hits over three innings wardrobes homerun celebration was so intense Lorenzo Cain was afraid of getting hurt. Move on. Replay. I strong five. Everybody fired up ready to go. In mind. You don't business. Well, so better team gone. That's exactly what we need. Now. The brewers have won twelve of the road. Dating back to the regular season game to this afternoon. The AL CS begins tonight in Boston the Astros. Take the Red Sox in game. One Red Sox manager Alex Cora was the Astros bench coach last season for the world champs. So he has some knowledge of the opponent idea on, you know, I don't know if he's gonna work that doesn't get into. It's gonna work. You know, everybody's like, oh, let's let's zoom. Still good players know, pretty good. Now the pitching matchup tonight's pretty good. Justin Verlander and Chris sale. First pitch eight oh, nine eastern five. Oh, nine Pacific. Other baseball news Yankees shortstop DD gregorious undergo Tommy John surgery home is part of the two thousand nineteen season college football, south.

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