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COM. So do check that out if you have a story but once you read this book. I'm sure you'll want to share a story. Jocelyn now on the flip side of this I wanna ask already back just to let you know that William Woody rates it I I I send something back. So far. That's cool. That's really cool. Jocelyn you've talked so much about how connected you feel to Kevin. Let's talk about the other side about letting go year continuing to live your life. You're on earth and it's important to be able to have that balance. Isn't it about letting go but still feeling his presence? Can you address that for us? Yes at least the beginning. It's weird because since I had communication with him after he died even though he wasn't really here I didn't really feel you know like he was gone. And in fact after my husband died and I was still doing these writings. My son came to me my teenager and he said you know I kind of feel like you're cheating and it's not fair because not everybody gets this opportunity and I. He felt like it was preventing me from letting go and moving on because most people so final and it wasn't you know final for me although Kevin in all the writing since he's died as always encouraged me to move on and live my life in a lot of especially after the first year or two still was you know wanting me to get out of the house and start engaging again in life because I hold myself up for so long and so that was in the beginning hard. I think I don't I didn't really start like the process is most people would go through it earlier on. But then you get to a point and you you feel just call because you know you're always there always with you and you don't need to talk to them all the time because you know that they love you. You know that they're waiting for you. You know you're going to be together again. And that gives you the freedom or at least.

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