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We had on the are out of the blue podcasts. She did this experiment with uber. See out in vancouver where they took two hundred people and randomly one hundred of those people. Now these are people who didn't have heavy addictions or mental health challenges but they're experiencing homelessness is some form. They gave a hundred of them. Seventy five hundred dollars for a year and they followed and hundred in cathodes and other the differences insane like the positive benefits of being. How has been safe getting work. Some of them still had money. believe it or not with more money actual use of drugs and alcohol dropped right and that's probably directly to how they mentally how they feel that his way mentally right. So it's it's they're seeing people doing serve. They're like. Oh you know i could breathe. I knew i had that. I didn't have that that weight. I can move forward. We mental health by You know and also i even point to win a run to the wage subsidies at first you had people Who were saying. Wow like for once. I felt my paycheck magpie. Little side i can move forward. I can do this for a lot of people simply chesa income piece. It really is a pushes them. They need that little bit and you'll never see them again right and know. I think people sometimes get scared of that bottom line figure or won't be only encourage them to be lazy and not work now. I know you wanna have a purpose. I'm sure there's some people who who might on and then there's other things that You know there's other issues there. But i think for the most part people have issues and when you know that you're housing's taking care of that you're not going to have to look around for your next meal that you have a little bit of security. I think then you start to say. Hey maybe i'll go back to school. Maybe other job can i. How do i make a difference where you go..

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