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The journey of reap listener go sign up today. And don't miss another edition of the inside. Look don't make the mistake of doing more. What god has asked you to do and that right there. I think we could probably like plaster on every billboard in america for people to see hopefully people are moving in the direction that god has asked them to. Hopefully they haven't gotten stuck like well. I don't really know. I don't really know if i'm supposed to move yet. If the lord is told you to go go. But then i think once we go we start picking up these things along the side. It makes me think of a grocery shopping as you're walking down the aisles. Are you a list person and you only get. What's on the list. Some people say that online grocery shopping is perfect for that. Because then you don't get extra stuff you only get the stuff that's on your list or are you one of those people that walks through the. Oh yeah that. I wonder if we need more that. Yeah we could always use more. Oh that looks yummy. And you're throwing in all of this extra stephania cart and then you get up to the checkout and you're like ooh..

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