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All day long each Sunday throughout the NFL season all three late afternoon games in the third quarter Rams up seventeen fourteen on the Seahawks with about ten thirty five to go. Also have the chargers leading the raiders by the score of seventeen to three with about two sixteen to go and the Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins fourteen two nine Green Bay lead early there and just starting the third quarter. So those are the late afternoon window games will be keep an eye on right now. The the closest one certainly and the most intriguing is this Rams Seahawks game and honestly heading into the late afternoon slate, you probably would have would have said that anyway, but the Seahawks have made this competitive and trying to I mean, they're they're fighting for their playoff lives, really. Far as wild card picture, which we can focus in on the NFC a little bit later this hour, if we want is I say that the Rams attempting a thirty seven yard field goal to kick his up, and it is good. So make it twenty two fourteen ran so six point lead for the Rams with nine forty or something to go there in the third quarter. And. We have it must have a serious injury going on here. Shay in the Packers and dolphins game. I couldn't tell exactly who that was. But a ton of even opposing players kind of motioning to the sideline there. So let's, you know, someone just got lit up on a block. Yeah. That's dangerous there. So one wide receivers. Trying to lock down the field for devante atoms wide receiver and he just laid out a corner for the Miami Dolphins. It's Bobby McCain and dangerous dangerous situation there. We'll let you know if everything is good with him. That was definitely a heck of a hit. And a scary scary one of that clean play. No penalty are absolutely clean play. Well, lets you know what's going on. They're coming up next to start things off this hour and said about the Cleveland Browns. They got a dominating w today against the Atlanta Falcons. And so we'll look at it from the falcons side of things where you can make very strong case, they cost of himself a chance at a wildcard spot a falcon team that was playing really really. Well, people are feeling better about them. Bruce Irvin coming over as well. Healthy. That was not the case today. It was all about Baker Mayfield. He did something that no other rookie NFL quarterback has done an NFL history. We'll tell you what that is in focusing on the Browns a little bit next on NFL rush. I'm Jay Farner,.

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