Fema, Fox News, Chuck Schumer discussed on Sean Hannity


Ticking. Lisa Brady, Fox News. A tentative deal to avoid another government shutdown. Not ready quite yet. Fox's Jared Halpern. Live on Capitol Hill the house and Senate could take up the spending Bill tomorrow, though, negotiators are still finalising. The legislative text the agreement reached would fully fund the government to the fiscal year and provide one point three seven billion dollars for border barriers far less than President Trump had requested. Neither side got everything. It wanted in this Bill, but both sides one will Boyd and other shutdown. Democrats Republicans house Senate the Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is urging the president support. So far the White House says, it's withholding judgement. Intelligence reviewed the final product. Lisa Jared as the president put it he says he'll be looking for land mines when he sees the Finnish proposal the head of FEMA just announcing he is resigning. Brock long calls it. The honor of a lifetime to have served as FEMA administrator at the helm during more than two hundred. Did declared disasters over the past two years. But he says it's time to head home to his wife and sons longs as deputy administrator. Peter gainer will serve as acting FEMA. Chief tomorrow marks one year since the deadly shooting at a Florida high school, the state's new governor just holding a news conference. Fox's Eban Brown. Live in Miami. Lisa Florida, governor Rhonda Santa's is ordering grand jury to investigate how Florida school districts implement campus security. He says it will conduct a long investigation tasked with providing a clear picture of the state of school safety. Statewide grand jury will have a full bore subpoena power. They will be able to compel witnesses. It will be able to compel documents how the governor. Speaking in Broward County on the eve of the year, Mark of the Marjory stoneman. Douglas, shooting says the grand jury will not focus entirely on Broward County, either Lisa tanks, seven back toback rallies. On Wall Street. The Dow up one thirteen at the bell. This is Fox News..

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