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The playing opposite below as why say at number twenty one is there's a corner or thinking there that's that's the move i don't know if there's anybody out i'm pretty sure the rams signed jill ramsay yet there's no deal so much tagging marcus peters has time to barton jones from dow's could beat intriguing possibility i really liked him i don't know it was twenty two thousand fifteen drought because people said that they wanted him over agla nichols revenue late notably ugly explosives he broke the record for saint john who would be good but again that you're talking about about guys that are a little above average would be franchise changing to get a lock down one side and that's that's the biggest i wish for may otherwise as far as cloud goes i really do like him i really continued if you're talking about the need to gay yager i don't think it's the worst idea idea to try russell though i mean they seem pretty reticent to move in the owners to safety and i don't really understand that again were not is understand that he has transition fully but so many injuries so consistently visit need those guys to be ready at when on i mean you gotta say set up he shot route i thought he was zero not nothing against impersonal or anything by the student thing though he didn't come back from the achilles as injury were that some people never come back the right way yeah and that's that's what this is going to worry about without sean coming they guarantees a salary is not going to give up an asset you'd have to treat like to save about ten or fifteen million dollars you need to trade like alshon fourth if i were there onto the dishing cap lies that you would give it as some of these leg rumors about him being and that's the thing i wonder if is it almost addition by subtraction getting him out of here ends but i think fresh sign off i believe that yeah i don't know it's one of those things to me i don't always believe those reports but whether smelters fire it feels like it just happening so repeatedly and you see that ESPN susannah anderson constantly i'm getting flak for that you know people injuring her mouth fees for alshon a degree with a lot of i don't wanna see slander but refer negative the reports about the eagles eagles locker in carson wentz things like that that you pretty much have counted out of most of the season i mean kivacs medically is obviously brian ross did it and did subaru admirably but is freedom for the football so but yeah obviously everyone knows us no one's going to question the guy get why receiver's got find a corner might let defense ash rushers and ask the deal is linebacker brassy round i mean i think he would like to see a license consistency they are but i guess time in both florida to get younger actor just you know this i was mad when we latte jordan scowl yeah that is one of those is set hobbies i thought he was a map d has greatly modern buttons catholicism man whose creighton coverage yet but i'll altogether i think compared to i mean the last ore or at sea teams all right rams eagles and there's a you're the bashing you have a draft picks i mean cap space we fifth most cast station the league going into next year before any moves yet for anyone gets tied before before anyone gets three negotiates contracts radio she so deal you'll malak cast space you have a lot of draft picks a lot of your own pace you getting traded way too i like the rams you didn't allocate most of your cap atms did you're not in the middle rebuil- like pan there seem to be we all love now i'm so happy the giants dust down fantastic on your temple guy right.

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