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He's improves self is miti guy that the media and that's part of it is well you with he likes it or not he is the face of this organisation is also a face of one of the stars in the national football league there's a when you gotta go about helm this stuff is involved in the community a public service doubts and it has never been on the wrong side of a news story may be a million people monitoring with the not a problem he's better than this and he knows it and it would hurts me is when i watch him about this komo cam to come on you don't need to do this this becomes a talking point for us we don't want to talk about this we want to talk about you plan we were talking about the carolina panthers witting that's what this things about it's not about you haven't bad press conference winning and losing noted that that drives your behold organization feels better after w and it of course you in a leadership position is quarterback you set the tone cult hit coach has go to press comes to answering questions part of the job description and you play to win the game by the way when this week it in the press prescott got a lot better always a pleasure thank you now jim mcilwaine and the question of exactly what does he talking about when the university florida had football coach talks of receiving death threats and then neither reports to law enforcement nor provides any details to his university first it's worth about a minute or so of our time here to see how this was handled by mcilwaine on monday at his press conference after saturday's lost to texas anm the second consecutive loss for the gators the drop them down to three and three.

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