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Smoke inhalation and died before their bodies were burned the criminal investigation into the incident continues a bill expanding the governor's red flag laws headed to the governor's desk KCBS a solitary explains the flagging of those who should not have guns the mentally unstable convicted felons poised to now get stronger after assemblyman Phil things bill passed the assembly bill gives more Californians access to a court process they could temporarily take away someone's gun through a gun violence restraining order we've been saying for number years we need to expand is so that people who go to school with people who you work with because we've seen more mass shootings at schools and workplaces so makes complete sense that your coworkers as well as the teachers who see people every day see students every day see coworkers everyday they're the ones who may have the best ability to identify with that person should or should not have guns up until now only law enforcement could take away someone's gonna stating authored the legislation after a recent study was released that suggested that such a policy may be effective in reducing the risk of mass shootings open on the stable we have people we know who really shouldn't have guns who still have guns because law enforcement other individuals haven't had the opportunity act the governor has until October. thirteen to sign the bill into law Scott with Terry KCBS. national rifle association's filed a federal complaint against San Francisco say the city is violating its first amendment rights follows resolution which the city's board of supervisors label the NRA of domestic terrorist organization and are a seeking court orders barring the city from taking any action to enforce the resolution for instance discouraging vendors and contractors from doing business with the NRA supervisor Matt Haney whose name to the lawsuit expected to get thrown out of court. Facebook already tracks to your friends are what you buy but your sex life details from CBS is Vicky Barker British based privacy international says at least two popular fertility apps begin sharing data with Facebook as soon as they are downloaded even before women see a privacy policy when they enter information about their move their birth control or when they last had sex analytics software is harvesting it all for its part Facebook insists advertisers don't get access to sensitive health information Vicki Barker CBS news London..

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