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Tell you alive. So anyway, I just wanted to say we were talking about what we watch on TV. I watch Turner classic movies a lot because I find it refreshing an innocent, usually not always. But tonight, for example, at eight o'clock tonight, they're playing the house of wax starring Vincent Price. Vincent Price in the house of wax. You wanna talk about a classic horror film. Classic. I tell you Vincent Price in the house of wax. Unbelievable. I I really don't like horror films today are usually I'll let me get to the chase evil. There's something about them, which is not the appropriate. I would never say to somebody. Oh, check. It out. Scary today is too scary. It's like bad scary. But the scary of you know, when you're watching the Bowery boys when Sach gets spooked by. A midget in a Cape jumping out of a piece of furniture. That's the kind of classic comedy spook stuff that I'm talking more like candid camera, right or when the three stooges, you know, something happens and like. That's the that's the kind of stuff I'm talking about. So nothing really horrible the other day. I saw Charles Lawton on Turner classic movies in the island of Dr Moreau. I've spoken about that on this program. It's a it's a great work of fiction classic work of fiction by h g wells and the island of Dr Moreau was turned into movie called the island of lost souls in nineteen three starring Charles Lawton as the economists doctor, okay? And it was actually really scary. It was kind of pre code, and it was so it was kind of it was just kind of scary. But I thought that's about as scary as I wanna get you know, it wasn't horrific. I would say to people don't ever watch. The exorcist you'll regret it was when it came out a friend of mine blacked out watching the screen. He said at one point he wasn't. He couldn't see anything on the screen was so scared right now. But people think that's funny. They're looking for thrills. Yeah. I want to say evil is real which is why this is no joke, right? In other words, if if you get into the stuff too seriously. It. It can be very very bad. You have to be very careful of what you let your is taking you can never it. I remember jokes from fifty years ago that I saw on TV or an image that I saw on TV. I remember an S troop episode a garn, and and Sarge were we're gonna ride into the camp to the reservation wasn't reservation was to the camp. Right. And the Sarge says to a garn played by Larry Storch. Of course, the Sarge played by Forrest. Tucker says to a garden a garden. You're not as dumb as everybody says, and they cut to the next scene. And now they're getting off their horses at the cowboy camp, and as a guard gets off the horse. He says who says I'm dumb. It's a dumb joke. Yeah. And it happened fifty years ago, and I took it in. There's a there's a thousand things like that that I took in as a kid what you take into your brain. Especially when you're young for good and for ill. It'll stay there. So I wanna say to people watching release scary movies. I'm warning. You don't do it. And you can say, well, I'm just I'm telling you. All right. We're gonna we're gonna go to a break where we're alive on the Eric Metaxas. Show on this Halloween. We're going to be right back or taking your calls..

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