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The distinction of being the first to make the northwest passage which Franklin so narrowly missed founder Robert McClure eighteen fifty two fifty three and Richard Collins in eighteen fifty to fifty five who who commanded the two ships sit north through bering strait to search for Franklin McClure accomplished the passage on foot after losing was he gives ship in the ice in Barrow Strait but Collins brought his pestle safely through to England the northwest passage was not again made until Roald Amundsen navigated the tiny Kiawah a sailing sloop with gasoline engine from the the Atlantic to the Pacific nineteen o three to six Yankee whalers each year had been venturing further further north in Davis Strait and Baffin Bay and Bering Sea but America had taken no active part in polar exploration and until the sympathy aroused by the tragic disappearance of Franklin induced Henry Grinnell and George peabody to send out they had vans in charge of Elisha Kent Kane to search for Franklin north of Smith sound in spite of inexperience which resulted in skirving fatal accidents privations and the loss of his ship canes achievements. Let's eighteen fifty three to fifty five. Were very brilliant. He discovered and entered Kane Basin which forms the beginning of the passage to the polar ocean explored both shores of the news see and outlined what has since been called hauled the American route to the poll sixteen years later in eighteen seventy one another American Charles Charles Francis Hall who had gained much Arctic experience by a successful search for additional traces into relics of Franklin eighteen sixty two to sixty nine sailed the pool Laras through Kane Basin and Kennedy Channel also through Hall Basin and Rogerson Channel which he discovered into the polar opposite itself thus completing the exploration nation of the outlet which Cain had begun he took his vessel to the then unprecedented for a ship latitude of eighty two degrees eleven minutes but halls explorations begun so auspiciously were suddenly terminated by his tragic death in November from over exertion caused by a long sledge journey. When the ice began to move the ensuing year his party sought to return but the Polaris was caught in the deadly grip of an impassable ice pack after two months of drifting part of the crew with some Eskimo men and women alarmed by the groaning and crashing of the ice during a furious autumn storm camped on an ice floe which shortly afterwards separated from the ship for five months December to April they lived on this cold and desolate raft which carried them safely thirteen hundred miles to labrador obrador where they were picked up by the Tigris during the winter one of the Eskimo women presented the Party with the baby so that their number had increased during the arduous experience meanwhile the Polaris had been beached on the Greenland shore and those remaining on the ship were eventually also rescued in eighteen seventy five Great Britain began collaborate attack on the poll via what was now known as the American route two ships most lavishly equipped being dispatched dispatched under command of George Mary's he succeeded in navigating the alert fourteen miles further north than the Polaris Laurus had penetrated for years previous before the winter set in Aldrich on land reached eighty two degrees forty eight minutes. Let's which was three miles nearer the poll than Perry's mark made forty eight years before and the following Spring Markham gained and eighty three degrees twenty minutes on the Polar Ocean author parties explored several hundred miles of coastline but canaries was unable to cope with the scurvy which disabled thirty six of his men or with the severe frosts which cost cost the life of one man and seriously injured others the next expedition to this region was that sent out under the auspices assist of the United States government and commanded by lieutenant now major general a w greely to establish the lady Franklin Bay the American circum polar station in eighteen eighty one.

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