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For traffic and transit on ones in here is Rebecca Missouri's dealing with a crash on the STAN expressway, it's heading eastbound right off the gospels bridge approaching a west shore expressway delays are back towards the bridge. Accident on the B Q E. This is both directions at Atlantic avenue, one lane closed in both directions. So eastbound delays starting by the battery tunnel. Westbound delays, those are back towards the Brooklyn Bridge. So it is starting to get a little bit better from the winds transit desk. Four and five train service that has resumed at thirty fourth street bound seven trains running express from will. It's point to Broadway due to a stalled work train at one hundred eleven and here's what you need to know about the bridges and the tunnels roadwork at the queens midtown Manhattan bound the right lane is blocked the Georgia's doing fine Lincoln tunnel. The north that's close till five. So you've got slowdowns in the area Holland tunnel one lane closed inbound so five so far a twenty five minute delay. I remember back in Missouri. Next report at eleven fifty one on ten wins wins news time eleven forty two. Listen to the ten ten wins. News reports tonight a police officer and the suspect were both shot on Staten Island. Police say shots before eleven to that outside one eleven Lyman avenue in the air section at least one of those shot in critical condition at Staten Island hospital. No word yet would lead to the shooting and who exactly is in critical condition keeping her on ten ten wins for more on this still developing story. What's described as an apparent incident of road rage.

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