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Exactly these setbacks benefits stepping stones to improving life incidents when most players would understandably discouraged or give up bryce used as opportunities which is why in just three days. He has the chance to be drafted. All sports are filled a success failure but football. The moments of defeat are more pronounced in visceral hits or bigger. Injuries are more. Common careers are shorter. It's an unrelenting. Mercilus league playfully dubbed not for long klutch sports agent. Damaris bilbo the. Nfl is a league in which you know you take the things that we all know you know. The short lived careers draft every year for every four. There's a draft in football where you're looking at two hundred. Plus guys coming in. The league is such a easy turnover in football. One year the saints have. Adrian peterson mark ingram on rossi to get alvin kamara and third round and two three years later albums only one there. Those guys are other teams so the channels football is that it's a plethora players so many so much change with hundreds of prospects fighting for roster spots coupled with the physical toll of the game. It's not surprising that the average nfl career last three point three years. When you see the greatness of calvin johnson and you see how quickly is saying that. His career path spa. It's real stuff. You know like you saw calvin going league. And then it was like that. He was gone when he played nine years. You know and is thirty. Plus years old and not an nfl. Now even when you've succeeded football failure could be around the corner. Kelvin johnson set the nfl record for most receiving yards in a season and undeniable superstar and still players like him often only endure for a decade or less. It's a brutal unforgiving sport. Even for those at the top overcoming failure having the mental fortitude to turn every setback into a step forward. Only those who can do what brice has done will survive. I know what it's like to draft a notice to get cut. I know does like to hate my coach. I know what it's like to feel like. I'm getting unfair treatment. And i'm better the next man. I know what it's like to not have a job and have a kid on the way or not know that. Hey do i really want to use his college degree right now. Or what do i want to keep giving it a shot and keep pursuing my dream. I know all of this stuff. Those are real questions and you're gonna have to face that when your football career is over. I want to be that got it pushes you every year to explore the things. Because let's be honest man. You call somebody a fortune five hundred. Ceo or a big time. Allom not give it down. They're not gonna change. John calls or he wants to get connected. Okudah wants to get connected one of these guys. Nfl uniform so lot easier so use it. Why you have it because all seen you know. Ohio state the maurice story we've seen the jamarcus russell's at lsu. These university are pushing these players out left which players gonna take that platform and say. Let me build out resources. Because i don't know how long i'm gonna get my contract. Says five years. They probably cut me and three. And then where i'm on. It's that level of relentless competition and need to always improve that keeps players on edge tremaine ankara offensive tackle from clinton focused on his dogged. Pursuit of getting into the league failed a lot. But i guess that's that's that's what makes me. I wasn't high school kid coming in. He's gonna start. I was the hell. Is this kid going house. Skinny two hundred pound guy who's Challenges but we've rough now. I can work harder than everybody. Only but i guess that's hard of plus can use. How much can you take shaking taking. Still keep going door. God absolutely zillions. But how does a player developed this necessary. Grit and resilience. How did they find the mental strength to keep going in the face of terrible adversity for bryce. It took quitting the game entirely. It took finding his faith story. Tremaine learn some of these skills from his father like we heard an episode to but there were also other defining moments for the last four or five weeks me and my buddies were running hills and we have made it a thing on friday morning always run hills condition tests and you know we went five. Eighty art hills massive i. We was five six next week or seven eight nine. We had all the way up and it killed his last. Kill us and so we get to ten. We're already women boys he comes. He's hey what. If we start from. Halfway up iran thirty immediately i was like what the fuck make sense like. Why are you wanna do now. As i could be better better being the kinda guy when please everybody so we started from halfway. I can enough to back it up. Just ten more yards so instead of it. Being eighty was probably sixty five seventy and gets dark out really like i was going to get harder as go on my brain heavy but it's not the same buyer.

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