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Saints fifty eight percent fifty eight percent were the jaguars on that list jaguars third at fifteen percent okay vote on the uh on the poll at rich eisen show is how you can get our app uh and and vote on on apoe question to check out all videos the yesterday trent dilfer was fantastic talking about a tool uh from the national championship game and all the quarterbacks that he's had italy eleven that are going to the next level sam darnell josh rosen he was very honest about those guys as we're all focused four three quarters of the league on the draft amit combine and uh that's after the super bowl my next big event on the nfl network uh which is sitting next to mike mayock for hours on end in a televised event that nfl fans are locked in on and we're doing our best to describe action when there really is no action and in that regard we bring in i in eagle who just called jaguars bills with mike malcolm westwood one hi how are you sir to full had the full mayock affect may i could do that he had red meat the night before the and that is a rarity may i go for red beat so that just shows you the kind of ferocious mentality he had for the playoff weekend in jackson now i i listen to much of the game with you and uh and a mike but for those who might not have heard it how does one describes seventeen pods how does one pain that word picture iin yes yes it takes a creative soul to attack that from a play by play perspective you know what my expectation level going in was that we were not going to have much offense though i wasn't really that shocked at the final score at the way though the game turned out and how the game played out buffalo hung in there bills made enough pleased to be in it down the stretch it was a shame the tiro taylor went down with the injury would have been exciting to see a couple of plays i thought peterman might be able to the carbon self into buffalo.

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