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Dot com is not dedicated to audio drama when you go there. You have kajillions things to look forward to fine. How're you gonna find what you're looking for. You still have to know that lamp lighter exists. You still have to know that jay hinchey exists you still have to know about all of these things in order to find them but the power of one place. That's that's all it does. There is nothing else that happens on this website other within this audio drama stuff on place dot com with their is actually website christian audio dot com. Oh oh see i yeah there yeah but this is a it's like the christian version of audible sure so oh all of the titles on their you know quote christian. They do have classics as well sure but that's an opportunity that i think they could move of into if they wanted to have okay. Here's our audio book section. Here's our audio drama section. You saw it needs to be something where discovery is easy. <hes> and that's the main problem again. How many times have we talked to people. I don't know you know about this one or that one or the other thing yeah but as long as you have some kind of threshold for you're making sure that these four pillars are kind of observed. I guess there would need to be some quality control. That happened here because you could get some really interesting stuff on you could i. I feel like there's a fairly large opportunity here and i think that platform heels four pillars keeping that holding up that platform of audio drama it's going into into our ears. You know all of us. We we listen to something. We'll give it a chance for a few minutes and then if we don't like it yeah done sometimes sometimes i'm like. I really want to get into this okay. You know i'll i'll stick with it and then okay. Maybe the next one's better but whatever yeah when you say the four pillars i i'm really visual so i see it like you know those four pillars in just in my mind i was thinking about it like putting an order you have you know sound design acting script and then music you know you take those i those two in the middle acting and the script out of the whole thing is bose in yeah yeah you can have really good sound design a really good music. You take those two. It's still stands. The platform still stands up. Will you take you know what i was trying to think like that and by taking you mean they're not yet your we knew that pillar or or or if it's not there at all if it's just not up to its today to are up to the right yeah they all have to get the same height but maybe a week fillers through the whole thing teetering a little bit you know you can tell that there's something off but it might be okay if the sound design and the what was it you said music right yeah music on the if the sound design and music or just okay and i think our proof of this is all time radio sure you you can still get into the story because the writing and the acting are in general professional excellent. The music is very barebones. If it's there at all in the sound design is is bare bones yeah very minimal so i think the two that are probably the most important or the writing and acting. That's that's a fair point. Yeah because i mean that's been proved by audiobooks right yeah true yeah i think so i'm still hold your attention just with the writing but i think to have a stable platform like you said we need the four right before well again we've tossed out a lot of ideas and concepts and thoughts and questions we want your feedback both both from fans and from people in the industry we really wanna you know. Let's build something where we can help each other in this space base yeah. That's the goal well after. All of that are powell. I think we're done yeah well. We are absolutely thrilled to have on the show.

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