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All the great guys and girls up there. The team keeping us on the year It is just about what listening and radio we're about 10 minutes after the hour. Facebook live. It doesn't matter because we're here doesn't go until we stop. You know. Bob was talking about his dipstick prior to the break, and he also had an idea using a Mexican Beach Pebble and remember how that went. You know you did that? I didn't know. It was so impressed that you did this when you had your You're falling, you word like quite not with us. You know, Brian told me just sent me a note during the week and said, Do you ever listen, our show? It's really good. You can tell me. Did you ever read our book? It was pretty good guilty is charged. You know, that's the second time you said that to me and ask me about how you came up with that idea is the second time. All right. It's not gonna happen again. Mark in it. It is a great idea if you lay a flat beach soft, smooth. A pebble from a beach to lay it on the surface of a pot. Just pick it up and look at the bottom side. You can tell if there's moisture or not oil. Well, the nice thing about those tunnels. It'll show on the stone little targeted or making damper. Wet looking so well. That's the nice thing about the Mexican beach people specifically black and so when they're dry, looking to have a grey look, But then I had a little bit of moisture is a very definitive black look so definitely see the moisture in there. Um, well, we don't want to keep it too much longer. But we do have one more question that I thought would be fun to cover or they're edible succulents. I mean, aside from that prickly pear that would cover that's a nightmare for me. You would not believe the amount of e mails I get. Can I eat this? It's like Have you ever been to a grocery store? And why would you want to? Yeah, There certainly are some When we talked about Nepalis policy is the big one, the plenty of paddles and it's really delicious and something you might not be used right off the bat because Depending on how it's cooked. It kind of has a little bit of that okra thing going on. That could be a little bit slimy. And then you have edible fruit and some succulent fruit on the frontiers is absolutely incredible. Some of them are just so delicious. A little bit of a trick, tryingto not get stuck and feel him. Whatever Onda course there's there's drinkable succulents. Well, there's a lot of people that take yellow Vera. Bill. Bill drink, that's and I, frankly, I've never tried it. I had sort of an allergy Talavera, So it's probably not a good idea. Always thinking or of tequila. Well, there you go. That one. I don't have it. How about that? Yeah, but you know, there are some other oddball things on I do not recommend. Let me think again. I do not recommend anybody trying. Um, but podia Which is a very strange plant from Namibia and places like that related to the East appeal. Leah's I believe very odd looking plant that's been used for years by the natives for Ah, Ah energy and keeping their weight down. And there was a big couple of years ago. A big push on of Judea supplements from whatever goodbye. I think that was after a Dr Oz show. So there are you know there are things out there. The native Americans around here have flowers. We're ah, really big part of the diet. They would sort of flour them and fry them. Well, I think the most common fruit from a succulent gonna be dragging proved. Yeah, absolutely A from a commercial standpoint, and that again is not unlike the appointee of fruit accepted it. Huge and there are no thorns their spines on it, and they're really good, really delicious. And actually, there's a difference. There are white ones that think ones, red ones, and there is a difference in flavor. Andi So they're just refreshing, really, really enjoyable. I know Altman's used to sell one called Halley's comment that way, talked about that It was one of the best tasting on straight. I don't know if they still do but way only do it every 75 years. That's very good, Bob. I love them. Lots of good info. Lots of good shatter. Thank you very much for joining us. Things were falling along on the show to be able to keep up with people's questions. Oh, it was It was a great way to do it like that. I've, uh I've been indoctrinated. Now I know how this works so there or it was just a blind phone call, So no, no, we'll have you back in 75 years. We'll have a good rest of the weekend in stay cool out there and we'll talk to you again. Thanks So much fun, Everybody. Anybody take care of Bob Reed Miller. Succulents cactus get another plug for the book's success with succulents available on Amazon. I think he'd get his lowest $4 for used copies, and some that are just like what a steel you know, John. I'm guilty of something. Everybody has. Most people have books on their coffee table. Coffee table books. I've got a Beatles book, Chargers book and designing by Succulents. I don't have your book and I feel ashamed. Yeah, but a lot of good information again. Your book, Bob. I mean your years and Bob's book Successful. There you go. For Jon and Bob talk. My copy of John and Bob's book is in our guest restroom. What does that say? Spokesman says it's going to be read. Yeah, exactly. Louie Seinfeld reference again. If you have any questions, comments on any topics continue. We still got a long way to go here on this talk radio and Facebook life. Good information from Bobby's A great guest. He kept up on Facebook with the questions. We'll have it back in studio at some point. Lots of fun stuff with him whenever he can introduce us into new things happening, because that's the thing at all. A game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready. Go. So, um Have you.

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