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Bakers got a 1st and 10 from his 48 yard line. Okay, He's under pressure. All you do is throw that 10 yards out of bounds. It's what Brady does. It's what Mahomes does What you don't do. There is falling down, he bit to the sideline, hoping that your wide receiver makes supply. It's 1st and 10. From midfield. It doesn't have to be the final play the game There's 1 16 left on the clock. Baker and did the game. So what the brows need to do is learn from this. Would Baker need to do is learn from this and realize that's the next level. Can we get there? Mayfield's good Browns are good. But Baker's decision that moment is head scratching. It's problematic. It is the worst of what he could do. Because there is a second intend to be had there. Buddy. He threw it all away. And that can't happen at this point in his career. He's now to mature. He's got too much experience for that to be happening. That's a rookie or second year decision. Not where he is in his career. Standing by headlines this morning. Final time in the morning for hours show is Andrew. Bogus. Mr Boggs would have got D a 67 yards to Van Jefferson 50 60 Cooper Cup into two Robert Woods three touchdown passes from Matthew Stafford in his Rams debut on Sunday night football running away from Chicago, 34 14 in their first game with fans at so Fi stated the Bears did give Justin Fields some work behind Andy Dalton. He went two for two for 10 yards. With a rushing score, Guys. We live in a world where the Texans are in first place in the FC South. The Titans took it on the chin from the Cardinals. 38 13, the cult's fell at home to the Seahawks, 28 16 and those Texans handled the Jaguars 37 21 Trevor Lawrence picked off three times in his NFL debut. Obviously sucks, like losing is always losing is always hard, especially when you know you feel like you're prepared and had a great week and really think we were ready and just Obviously didn't play well starts with me. I played really bad tonight, Lawrence says. This is the first three pick game of his life. Urban Meyer loses an eye opener for the first time ever. He was 17 and O in Week one in college, The Steelers left Buffalo with a 23 16 win. The Eagles embarrassed the Falcons, 30 to 6 with Jalen hurts, throwing three touchdowns, one of them to Devante Smith. The Dolphins held on for a 17 16 win in Foxboro and the Chiefs a come from behind 33 29 win over the Browns as you just heard. Cleveland led by 12 early by nine in the fourth quarter week one and tonight in Vegas, with the Raiders hosting the Ravens. We touched on this in our one benches cleared briefly between the Mets and Yankees last night. It began when Francisco endure did some yapping after his second homer because the mess thought the Yankees were stealing signs on Saturday. I can accuse them of them, Um, whistling for the signs because I'm not 100%. Correct, but I know what I heard. And I felt like there was, um, something out of the ordinary going on Giancarlo Stanton, then yapped at endure after his time, two run homer. That's when the benches emptied. But nothing really happened when door then went deep for a third time in the eighth for a 76 met win. The loss drops the Yankees again behind the red socks and Blue Jays. 42 a a wild cards. Novak Djokovic missing history at the last possible moment, a straight set loss to the Neil Medvedev in the U. S Open final, meaning no calendar year Grand Slam, Steffi Graf remains the last to do it in 88. Rod Laver in 69 is the last man to accomplish it. The AP College Football Top 25 again begins with Alabama and Georgia. Oklahoma replaces Ohio State and number three and Oregon moves up eight spots to number four after beating those Buckeyes who are now number nine, and from the W N B, a. The Mystics Down the sky 79 71 for a one game lead on L. A and New York for the final playoff spot back to you. All right, wow! Up to four, huh? Oregon, making waves making moves when we come back here on the show, Advanced Analytics. Who had the most embarrassing effort in week number one plus your epic Fail D, a CBS Sports radio. If dog people made dog food. It definitely wouldn't look like dusty, burnt brown pebbles. Uh, it would actually be food. It would be made with real fresh meat and veggies gently cooked to preserve the nutritional value, you know, like.

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