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Cam showing back up from near university in the idol down motor group twenty four hour traffic center rambling it's our W. W. jeans radio nine fifty thank you lance checking the accu weather forecast on this thanksgiving evening will round out today under mostly cloudy skies low dropping down to thirty tomorrow remains mostly cloudy high forty one same thing for tomorrow night dropping down to thirty one now come the weekend a thick cloud cover with rain in the afternoon Saturday and in the evening hi thirty eight rain could turn to snow briefly on the afternoon in the afternoon and then Sunday could be some morning rain high forty eight back into the work week on Monday hi forty one thirty three degrees in downtown Detroit WWJ news time is eight twenty nine crime stoppers need your help this is dandy Borodino of crime stoppers of Michigan inviting you to join us as we continue our efforts in crime prevention and assisting crime victims their families in over two hundred law enforcement agencies please visit our website one eight hundred speak UP dot org and join our new five dollars a month speak up club for a small amount each month we can continue to make southeast Michigan a safe and healthy region from all of those who seek our help thank you for your support for ex number one the US radio nine fifty WGN president trump spent thanksgiving in Afghanistan and said peace talks with the Taliban have resumed plus it's time to hit the malls for early Black Friday shopping will have more on fat plus attention holiday shoppers after the price that catches your eye you better examine the product very carefully I am Marie Feldman good evening I'm Zach Clark for WWJ newsradio nine fifty Jason Scott has the night off we'll take sports at eight forty five big win right here on W. W. jailer today for Michigan the lions low come up short at Ford field Lisa Parenti has a Bloomberg business report that'll be coming up at eight fifty five double double agent whose time is eight thirty one it's time to go shopping merchants opening their doors this thanksgiving for early Black Friday shoppers the doors are open at several shopping centers including twelve oaks mall in stores like Sears Dick's sporting goods five below Michaels target Best Buy macys Kohls as well as bed bath and beyond here's Amy stand the general manager of Tanger outlets armored might madness and after thanksgiving sale is argue that that we look forward to every year in Wausau Wisconsin this shopper had to wait outside in freezing weather but she says she doesn't mind during the wait we've been talking and laughing and looking at the door buster sales at stores get a jump on Black Friday my opening on thanksgiving some shoppers are starting their holiday shopping early and stores.

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