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And when I mean since the Rosenbergs, no one has been charged with treason even the spies that we catch in the United States. I believe Donald Trump has clearly openly flagrantly and almost with a laugh and a toss of his is hair betrayed. The the oath that he took to the constitution. I believe he does not believe in the oath, and there's very little evidence that he believes in the constitution and I, at the end of the day, the FBI is out defending this nation. The special prosecutor has an overwhelming amount of evidence that he has to go through as well as intelligence from the intelligence communities. And you know, his whole pass is now on the block. So we will have Rigo level. No investigations going at this point, but did Donald Trump work actively and openly with hostile intelligence agency or foreign power to get himself elected president. I will leave that up to the special counsel to answer, but you know, I would not get comfortable in the Oval Office seat for long if that turns out to be true, even the most recalcitrant Republican, if this is even marginally true will have to run away from him very intriguing stuff. Again, the book is called the plot to destroy democracy, how Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the west. Malcolm Nance. Thanks for talking with me. It's my pleasure. Thanks again to Malcolm Nance for coming on the show order the plot to destroy democracy on Amazon or on -able and follow him on.

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