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I'm Michael Philip Kelly. The AWACS Maryland news center at the news to thirty Franklin middle school in rice. There was briefly on alert the afternoon following reports of someone in the area with a gun county. Police in school. Officials lifted the alert shortly thereafter. Dismissal will be on time, President Trump in Ireland on his first presidential visit to the country where he'll meet with the prime minister, he spending two nights at his golf club in the village of dune, beg nestled in the rugged Atlantic Ocean, coastline house, speaker, Nancy Pelosi, claiming that President Trump's trade tariffs on Mexican imports would be punishing for both countries. Pelosi says the five percent tariff that Trump is threatening on the longtime US alley is not a way to treat a friend. The California Democrat also says it's not a way to deal with immigration and Baltimore mayor Jack young says he'd like to see harbor place torn down, and redone envisioning a venue, like counties, national harbor eighty two degrees. Reporting. Thirty-one. Michael, Philip Ellie six eighty WCBS news. David Lewis at a couple bible Presbyterian church for the moment of truth talking points, usually carry a bad connotation with them. At least they do in delivered by the mainstream media, what talking points actually are. However, are siege, which are planted in the minds of the listener, and in a case of the progressive left in Ireland and sycophantic. Fake news carries their water. These points are meant to demean and belittle their intended target things like Trump colluded with Russia, illegals, only jobs in Americans don't want and Pelosi is getting under Trump's skin, no matter where you turn into drive by media. The message is the same as Christians. We also have talking points, which represent the other end of the spectrum, perhaps, you've heard them all have sin in fall short of the gory of God are iniquity separated us from God for God's the world that he gave only begotten son that who so ever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. One set of talking points is fake news. The other is the good news. Which one works best for you. This is Dave. Oh said a moment of.

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