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Could you show. That's a that site but once again just so she's getting pregnant bowling just to be clear. This is well reporting on devastating bushfires if nothing else sums up the Australia's that you've got the international press reporting these fires that have devastated communities houses and fatalities and people just like we still as bad as serious as this is and as much as we need to get the message out for international aid. We want to make this Kush do still need to prank. The foreign it is still a moral imperative on Ola straightens that any foreigners visiting the country will schema school. She's she's got paint bullet that's crazy but also those little cooper's like run up to people bikes for water because they're so desperate thirsty she'll see any of that. What does she think he's GonNa do? I mean she looks dead when told this is a drop their Roche's what does this assigned this story. Does it say she in the video she calling it a drop bear in the video. The Guy who's saying this is a deadly drop air. We need you to wear all these things. Yeah it's just this countrywide prank. They do have ruining anybody who goes over that. You're not though because everyone because we three. repoed costs in a row. We opened by talking about how you will not stop insisting on this bullshit thing and they would still then go after the dangerous interesting. Is this strategy of trying to get everyone back for saying that the country is a hoax. Maybe this is that you know that that's a well known like conspiracy. He's eerie conspiracy as you get on a plane and you get off somewhere in somewhere in North America. Okay whether I've got trained actors talking with strangers accent. Is it genuine conspiracy theory more than flutter. Actually that's that's a pretty great If you're going to come up with just make a hole exists but is trump may one is also remarkable because it is as you just pointed out an entire classic country conspiring practical elegance American thing at all. We don't have anything unifies US like that. No I can't think of anything like it went ever. Anyone visits America for just vote. Connie pancakes it makes. It's It's really really sad. I want to be the down a person but I saw a video of a quality the other day and it was being given like a bowl of water and I've never seen an animal look dejected. And this Koala bears head is like like it's like my life is I've been destroyed like everything new new. Obviously it lost like benefits pack. It's a pack of the collective term is a cuddle it should be a couple of fallers an S. T. D. of coral. is they like but this is also not bears. They also get. Yeah all misconception but yes or otherwise the head down kind of like and it took a moment to realize that someone was just sort of drunk from the bulb. Look it lost the will to live that. was you know animals normally have high survival liberal instincts right so you know this dejected and say and that little bird that a little bit but they say Koala Bear Right. Why do they say call? I think people people do but I think it is wrong. Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah So. It's not any it's not in the US group of equivalent level of Tomato Meja. Right I saw. I saw a twitter video of like six or seven qualities in someone's car I didn't hear it with sound on presumably. He was driving the way from a fire or something. Yeah just on a road trip to get them drunk. You don't want them on the halt Seltzer. What well we all talking about disasters this a cool story from a much much older disaster? Yeah this is crazy this is I just in broad and pull where the both sent us in. Maybe some other people The SUV IUS. They have just what what mount and Mount Vesuvius they discovered extreme heat tons at least one man's brain took loss the heat Kristie Mount Vesuvius eruption in Italy which was volcano the weight off in seventeen ninety the ad in pompeii killing thousands destroying room settlements nimble day Naples and the heat was so immense it tone one victims break it into gloss suggests to study the town of Hook uranium was buried by volcanic matter entombing. Some of its residents was pumping wasn't it I just said POMPEII I believe Schaal. POMPEII was involved. I'm not making that up. No herculaneum was a nearby. POMPEII think they're okay. So these are pretty sure I visited POMPEII. They want since over the ruins I believe if you can crystallize a spine which you with alcohol. That's what happened to Richard Burton. Three yes is that gout identifies. I'm actually it's probably uric acid but it was from heavy boozing the operation because he'd crystallized yeah is it coming up Richard Burton Crystal Spine operated on for SCIATICA and Oth- right only anyway let me see. This is an article in the Telegraph entitled to Theoretic Vagrancy Everett trip birth. Wow imagine agent magic coming out of the headline that today I wanna be an erotic vagrant fun. His spinal column was co two with crystallized alcohol crystal alcohol. His kidneys were shot. His lips are they'll else's and he couldn't remember his lines when he was operated on growth. rightous he died aged fifty eight. I didn't know I thought he went longer than that. Yeah this is the one who married Elizabeth Taylor yet did Elizabeth Taylor drink as hard as him. I had A. I just found out the other day from a friend he met. Ah She was drinking. A what was it called a bullet bourbon bullet. But it was a a bloody Mary with a short of beef billion in it. Is it quarterback shop. Savory Bloody Mary Yeah but with beef a WH- woah a bull shop. So I imagine that she I think. Elizabeth Taylor drunk quite low short it was maybe enough to crystallize spine spine. But that's pretty wild. This is this is this is that that is the spine being coated with a crystalline form of the thing heathen by whereas this is actually the the cells themselves loss effectively Optimistic about brain a glass so a team research. Has it been studying. The remains of one victim in Hook. Uranium at the town in the sixties this study published in the Doing Magenta medicine said the fragments of glossy black material were extracted from the victim's skull. Research is behind. The study. Believes that black material is the vitrified remains of the. The man's brains vitrification is the process by which material is burned high heat and cool rapidly into loss or glaze vitrified. Yep You fit me the The President Preservation of an ancient brain remains is extremely ratifying says to Pierre Powell Petrolia trone forensic anthropologists. The University of Naples Federico the second is that the university named the whole thing. The University of Naples Federico the second. It's like I didn't know that anything. I thought it was just like saddened by going to display my ignorance. Any kind kind of matter could be he it enough to tend to glow. I didn't know that either will sanders. Silicon and carbon and silicon are in the same group in the periodic table so they probably have have relatively similar behaviors so maybe good chemistry know-how there thank you. You had me here. We oughta table is where it tends how that I'm wrong when when listener's previous Roy Moore right in a greg. I would love to know though because it's yeah I assumed he needed sand for some reason it was. This can't phrase good question from like crystals -ation aren't related really. But how could it be solids. We have what is what. What is it a crystal of because it wouldn't just be ethanol crystals I mean that's called Cam freeze by the way but freezes uses at a much lower temperature the mortar but like what would it actually mean to have Chris. I'm trying to think of other things that are liquid at room temperature. But can it's. It's not just that alcohol is a solution where something is dissolved numbers thinking of like You Know Elementary School Science when you make rock candy by just having sugar water. Yeah Yeah I don't know Chris could form. Are you looking at up. I'm trying to look back. Yeah because also I didn't now I don't know if this is real or just a plot of Rome come but saga of my science knowledge because it was in sweet Home Alabama that if lightning hits a beach you get these kinds of glass formations in the sand. Yeah I've heard of that. Yeah so that's a real thing so you can have a piece of beach glass that is formed from lightning. Okay okay so I'm looking up. Well there's there's an article in powdered alcohol the whole which you can now buy them people sailing but uses some kind of encapsulation technique where the alcohol is trapped inside little gelatin in all some other protein. It's also super deadly right. I believe that like all snow all sprinkle into drinks. Yeah have I'll colonise just because it's too tricky sometimes Oklahoma and your drink DOPP a bit. I'm just GonNa talk to very much the word crystallized being thing that I read and going ooh because that's quite vivid image but maybe that was a a more descriptive word rather than a with. Didn't you read this thing and Richard Burton article met are you. Are you currently research. Yeah yeah or should we move to the crystallize alcohol alcohol crystal trying to work out with Someone will be a vision of Gal has actually what they had so it's a uranus that they actually had up and down his spine rather than alcohol. I think NCUA right. She can be induced by alcoholic consumption. Yeah think isn't that one of the causes of Gout Dot Kau. We used to call him uric grown. He really appreciate Jason. I think I drew a picture of my dad. And then were uric run underneath it and stuck in the kitchen for about three years Yes yes oh here we go someone else. Yeah this. This is completely unsubstantiated but someone who's saying physically impossible to ask the claim that crystallized alcohol was found button spinal column during operation. That's absurd alcohol does not crystallize either bones or anything else. Doubtless Burton himself told the town and the author did not by the CHEKA. catalysed is well. Someone saying they're going to just completely just just get a load of a crystallized spy in withdrew. Nobody sounded like I don't know Richard Burton the Welsh. Okay what's he most known for besides being married to Liz Taylor. He was an actor in his biggest roles. Like what. What are the things? Can You name Richard Burton movie right now. Cleopatra he's okay. That was a WHO's afraid. Virginia Woolf haven't seen it another name my my like Hollywood this place while knowledge is not is it Edward Albee Eh. Yeah Yeah Zoo story. Also Edward Hourly I mean this is just my IMDB Deby brain out all got the same IMDB Ara- he got Golden Globe for my cousin. Rachel he was nominated for an Oscar. Ska full the robe and look back in anger on. He was just he was nominated for a Golden Globe for that He wanted Tony Fa- camelot and He was in. The spy. Came from the colts who's afraid of Virginia Woolf the timing of the shrew and of the thousand days equis Nice Ooh.

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