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No, to gave it to him, but that was that was the only fight I can remember going into or in a wash it. I don't care what this looks like. I don't care what happens. I said, I'm just gonna. I'm gonna do it had to do to win because there was so much riding on me at tide is not a lot of money. A lot of things. I mean, that was the one fight where I was like, I'm just going to come out there and try win this fight no matter what. And I could tell that has the same plan. You know it was just his. His was pushing me against transfer mind with stopping and take down. I'm winning. You know, I in at the end of the day after I lost first of all, I lost my title shot on that was very pressing for then I said, and I didn't even have felt like I told myself out and now that I feel myself out, I didn't even get pail you know. So I was like, man, I'm never going to do this again because I feel good about me even if I had a one, I think I wouldn't have felt that good about how I had like sell out to do it, but then the I didn't even win the stuff. He was just like it was the worst of everything. I got nothing positive on it. Very, he was deaf is a low point in my my citing career is like, man, I know I'm, I'm not doing this anymore. Fight of this anymore. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna continue in the sport because it doesn't make me feel good about myself. So it was actually the first time I fought Matt, sir, and I didn't even get to win. So we only have one minute left and now this spawned yet. Another question when Matt did go on and then fight George saint-pierre. He knocked them out. Did you get more caught up in like man that could have been me, or will you have you for Matt because I know it seemed to us like you are very cool with Matt. You know, through the season through the fight to do you remember how you felt when that happened? You know what I was so happy for Matt. It took me remember. I was I was at a town bribes driving back. It was there that night before I put two together and said that what could have been me. But I mean, that's one of my favorite guys in the sport if has ever hung out with these. He's a great guy. So you know, I was so happy for, especially nobody thought he could do it and everybody thought chance of eating this guy number. So nannies. He's got some power. You. Is it gonna? I dunno, he I, I definitely habit. I was happiness for him. Do what. Going on his parents. Very cool. Hey, Chris has been a great catch up. We really enjoyed talking to you about everything, but of course, on Saturday, most important thing is your next fight would at bare knuckle fighting championships. We'll be tuning in on fight night on TV and thank you again for your time. We really appreciate it. Awesome. Take care Chris, three at all right. All right, folks. Got ticked this last break for more information on bare knuckle fighting because he's right. Looks like they have added more cards than what I see on TV go to bare knuckle dot TV, WWW dot bare knuckle dot TV. And as far as what I was saying earlier, it is on Saturday. He can purchase the paper be for twenty nine ninety nine and it goes down at eight PM eastern five PM Pacific stay close..

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