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Okay yes flare given okay what is it who's it from sam okay cool sam says hey guys it's me again oh okay i remember you girl god your back is it a guy or girl girl well it says it's me again sam the girl oh i was just kidding exclusions christ hey guys it's me again sam the girl who wrote about the cowboy without a face i don't think we've heard that one yet i don't think so find that one actually i think it's in the folder and i just clicked this one eba make sure we read that when next month okay i was she says i was listening to another listeners upset and it triggered my memory about a ghost encounter i had when i was a kid i was living in tijuana with my mom in a tiny house people in the area said that the house we was built on bulldoze cemetery of jesus christ bulldoze cemetery has they were like oh nothing bad will happen here let's just clear the land dead people they won't mind no they're good she says i was pretty young at the time around four years old old enough to hold a decent conversation with and you'll know children just love talking to go sees i did so my mom always tells me about my toys would turn on by themselves even if i wasn't at home and she was alone she said that once she got so tired of it that she removed the batteries from the toys but the toys still turned on and made noises she also doesn't forget to mention to me that this kid in i were like legitimate friends and talked about him as if he was alive oh she also tells me about one specific incident i had with my go st buddy and my cousin me and my cousin have a two month age gap so we would always hang out because we were literally best all the time so my mom was taking care of us at our house and i tell my cousin hey my friend wants to play with you shit and my cousin was like y'all okay let's go yeah okay.

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