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I i was disappointed not i thought it was a huge mistake not to put you on that cast and if they don't bring you back then that's i i've gone on record to say production they they've made a lot of mistakes with twists but not bringing godfrey manguiza back to big brother candidate would be the biggest one of would definitely the biggest twisters twist so i see mentioned like studying psychology what like what are you what are you trying to do as a job here so as a job like ours thinking mostly for trying to be like actually wanted to be like a concert at kind of like a marriage stuff like that because it just seems like such an easy job reason i took psychology seem like easy you know and i got always was interested in reading those psych one on one psychological fags than a guy just kind of gravitated to way and then yeah might end goal if i do decide to pursue a career and that would definitely either even psychiatry but mostly just like as a kaslo or sports psychologist you know kind of a roll like that way just get to talk to people sit down i figure i'm putting good at listening when at least appear in like i'm listening so that will be a really good shops when the tell you when you grow up in a house for the women your nerd how to be like your really oh my god no way she did that while like you really gotta be a good listener so you'll be such a great job job put me people telling me their problems and then i just gotta be like yeah yeah awesome and then get paid for it.

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