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Suddenly has all kinds of health issues. I'm sure you've heard the term frail but did you know that frailty is a medical conditions. Frailty has stages and thankfully there are ways to avoid becoming frail if someone we love has already started having frailty issues. There are ways to manage their condition so not to get worse. That's the topic of my first episode with guest host. Dr elena mucci. Dr mucci is a gerontologist and she will be chatting with me monthly about all things aging well. Future topics are going to include loss of balance what to do about it continents delirium and wyatt so serious late stages of dementia and your favourite how to prevent dementia. This episode is brought to you by caregiver. Chronicles and eight week online course covering everything from diagnosis through hospice for more information. Use the link in the show. Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survived. Tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend. I am excited today to introduced to you dr mucci. She has the coolest instagram page. That you're ever gonna wanna watch so her pages linked in the show notes and we are going to discuss. Frailty today which. Until i ran into her. I didn't even know an actual medical thing. So thank you for joining me. Have i so i just thought frailty meant you know i have a very good definition of frailty. I just thought it meant that you started losing the ability to move freely. And then you've told me that there's actual stages and it's a medical thing so why don't you start by telling everybody what frailty actually is to a medical doctor a right. Thank you very much for the kind introduction jets and so frankly is very commonly used announced a families look after all people and they just say oh mommy's a bit freia and she's slowed down a little bit out. Of course they chum failty in medical world as means completely different thing and their definition official definition knees highly if they reduce physiological reserves allocco physiological reserves. This means and why is it important to understand while this happens. As a result of amalgamation wolf three major factors as a result of aging process amalgamated with age related diseases we accumulate over the life span as less side effects of medications. Let me give you an example. What this means. So recent example for my clinical practice beatrice is ninety two year old lady. She's quite fit. Well lead independently. She before the lockdown. Actually it was running classes in a swimming pool oval senior citizens so very engaged with her community and leaving a beautiful life with quote a good quality of life however decreases ninety two and in the lost two three years. Should he'd have a few medical problems into stroke clinic with couple of meanest strobes diagnoses on. Jain ah should also has a little bit okay. High blood pressure. Some kidney disease muggle problems. None of them are actually bad enough to impact on. Have day to day functioning. She takes madison's will. These conditions is on block thin as full day mini strokes or cholesterol tablets. So she's functioning will and then one day should develops really a bad kid named action or you're north talked infection and it was bad enough for her to be a stylized in hospital and what happened. She became very confused. Deal various and rather than spending just two three days in hospital For intravenous antibiotics shea had two weeks admission in hospital because have confusion was resolving and of course what happens told their doubts if they spend a lot of time in in bed completely condition muscles wasted away by them. Homeless admission is keen swimmer. Could not stand to go into a rehabilitation facility and it was good two months before she actually returned home and she was not back to normal cell sure required carrozza assistance required Family to help. And that's what frailities. It's their amalgamation. She did not know that. Race frail have family did not understand why mom sophie to while swimming the day before teaching her class next day hunterston agen and actually swearing which Merited before in. How confused state why this will happen into. It was very traumatic for the families. And that's what i said. I explained frame because of course as a result of a previous mini strokes should have reduced brain reserves and urinary infection. Eat infection there are toxins in the body which up poisoning the brain. Now in you. And i we might not have a major program but had strokes if so bring presents lou and should develop a confusion shays ninety two age related changes to the boogie moss and muscles. Do you know on net. After the age of fifty we use about one to two percent muscle mass every year. So just imagine when you come to ninety two remember. She's actually switch. It wasn't bad But you can't go against the nature so there you go mini strokes causing reduced brain reserves. Shays ninety two year old with reduction in her muscle mass spending two weeks hostile bat eligible kidney problem on the background and of course urinary tract infection led to deterioration that and have completed different individual at the village. And that's what frailities the compound ethnic of life and illness all coming together in a negative way. Yeah me can you making you Very vulnerable making you very vulnerable and it's not until an acute medical problem comes along. Such has urinary infection omeday heart attack in some individuals just could be even the vaccination sometimes can precipitate all depends on how vulnerable you are what your background is like. And let's not forget the side effects of medications as well so it. As i said it's amalgamated. Age related changes disease related changes as well as our sort of exposure to Medications had taken for these diseases so she was unblocked fools a yeah. She was on cholesterol comrades and guess what she was given antibiotics which interacted with cholesterol tablets stockton's and that made her muscle problems. Even worse one.

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