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Corey call it radical. You must the faith that will not be hindered. Thorir faith that will not agree with any life have been dispatched in a number church. Shire rebecca river. Sarah hush a recovering. Sorry my body. My church is plagued with lies. And i also give you is a nice to discern these lies and step away from the hush occurred intimate Ira becker hukou. She's a quarter patients. Shukor i'm taking out of you from this straps. Cut the lies of the church. Put on you. That the wrong believes in the wrong alignments with the scriptures and making the scriptures. They were not meant to say. I've put on you end. Then you hush recorder. It's all coming off today. She other bigger well spread church wrong. Authors built therefore my holy spray cannot be there. because there's no alignment tashaun carter. She got her sort clarity. She bash horribly she early. My thoroughly Tara tara sh you need to design tangle yourself from from that type of witchcraft. Thunder needs to be set. Free from this witchcraft's daughter. And i've enough good sense to go back to the old church where you call that. Witchcraft ha shook a repair Shukor.

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