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Well we are dirtier all right. We do news. We do serious news and oftentimes we have fun with it so youngsters open nailed it As always i'm here every day kind of so we've got Stories about republicans in tow carlson marjorie taylor green and all the nonsense of course the democrats as well. So let's move forward. Let's do it. Yeah i actually would like to start the show today by discussing a class war. That's taking place on a very local level in. Atlanta has to do with policing the intersection of policing and the class war. So this story is insane but it gives you a sense of where rich people are at when it comes to funding police so the wealthy neighborhood of buckhead in atlanta is actually looking to divorce itself from atlanta and become its own city so the wealthy neighborhood can essentially have its own local police department it can fund its own local police department which will be separate from atlanta now. The reason why they're doing that is because In atlanta as we're experiencing all across the country there has been a spike in violent crime. Homicides are up by about sixty three percent to the same time last year and up forty three percent compared to the same period in two thousand nineteen. And that's according to late may data released by the atlanta police department. The city has seen more than three hundred shooting incidents. Since the start of the year up forty five percent from what it recorded this time last year and up fifty five percent from twenty thousand nineteen. So it's important to know that context. There is an increase in violent crime not just in atlanta which these statistics bear out but all across the country. This has been an increasing issue. Something that unfortunately the gop has latched onto as their way of rallying supporters to go to the polls and vote for them in the midterms. And so what does buckhead this wealthy neighborhood in atlanta wanna do well first off limits. No they're known as the beverly hills of atlanta. So it gives you a sense of The wealth in this particular neighborhood but apparently state lawmakers introduced legislation earlier this year. That could pave the way for a buckhead city. Vote on november twenty on november twenty twenty two ballot now the buckhead city committee says it raised six hundred thousand dollars to support ongoing lobbying efforts and a commission a feasability. Study that is set to kick off in days. So they've already got this process. Going and buckhead isn't the only area in georgia. That's moving forward with this kind of idea right. Just kind of divorcing itself from metropolitan areas in the state. Now here's bill white. He is the head of the buckhead exploratory committee. He's actually the ceo of the buckhead exploratory exploratory committee and in this video. We kind of explains the reasoning behind. Why they're doing this. We are living in a war zone. That's how we describe living in buckhead and what has happened here. In the last several years is an incredibly dangerous.

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