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And then Hindus E news tonight, the one hundred sixth Indian science, congress wrapped up earlier this week in Calcutta and their theme this year appeared to be those guys on the scathing atheists, don't make fun of Hinduism. Enough was amazed. God, okay. So to rectify that oversight. They spent the weekend spouting scientific inaccuracies on a level that would make a Texas school board blush. These included, but were not limited to a refutation of the findings of both Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein all all of their findings by apparently calculus is upon scheme. And gravity. Really pissed them off. Yeah. All right. If everyone tries to use gravity at the same time, the elephants load off the turtle who said the elephants lower serious serious. Math was being an asshole. I love that some guy obviously was like, hey, Hindu, boss. I was just reading the worst of Einstein looking for you know, what we disagree with because we're Hindu. And I cannot read the works Feinstein. Denno just cut it all just cut off. Okay. Sounds just cutting. Yup. All goes wrong much. It's going up now or so other highlights from the esteem scientific body was a claim from the vice chancellor of undrawn university that the demon king Rama Yana, how did his disposal twenty four types of aircraft as evidenced by network of anxious landing strips in modern day. Sri Lanka was also. Yeah. There's also the clay by an Indian scientists that gravity doesn't exist. Thus those waves that everybody's all stoked about should probably be named nerve drum Mody waves after the nation's prime minister, gravity is bullshit anyway, but the gold medal in my opinion went to the head of a southern India university who used old Hindu text to argue that stem cell research was discovered in India thousands of years before Whitey figured it out. Do that's a clip from south park. Cartman made a Shakey's fetus, not real. And we eat braised the great shock rookie nailed it for now. Called shock rookie. So of course. We put this on video, and I should be clear here. Well, there are a lot of very serious scientists in India doing very serious science and well the Indian scientific congress association vociferously distance to sell from those remarks this is far from an isolated thing. Right. Many of criticized the administration of prime minister Narendra Modi for bringing pseudoscience into the mainstream by saying things like the cosmetic surgery was invented. In India thousands of years ago and offering up as his evidence been Nashes elephant had. Okay. I mean, we had Ted Danson way before they had Balkan Nash. So get what we don't think, you know. I don't think we did. And in oh, Canada news tonight. We've got some good news this week. We are happy to report that Rehoboth Muhammed, Al Coon, the eighteen year old who fled her family on vacation in hopes of escaping forced marriage, physical abuse n d very possible threat of death arrived safely in Canada as a refugee. Yeah. And Justin Trudeau is just waiting for her at baggage claim, and there is locked and they ran towards each other and slow motion chariots of fire started playing she threw her bags to the side and jumped into his loving embrace, and they kissed hard, and they kissed long the crowd went wild. Sorry. Sorry daydream. What? No, no. Let's let's let's play this out a little hurt. You'll be here. And then we went on a ten them bicycle ride. You slipped up and said we now. You had me when it was wrong. Remember the dirty dancing? The big lifts he does lift for me dancer. Hey, fun. Fact about dirty dancing that movie is about a child. Right. But. Note. So for those of you who haven't for she's fifteen so for those of you followed the story, according to self. She skipped Bangkok by slipping away from her family while on vacation in Kuwait. She didn't barricaded herself in her room and took to Twitter to ask for asylum. Holy shit low. So take a second to appreciate the kind of desperation..

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