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Rainy weather in North Texas can cause big headaches on the roads depend on us for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids and breaking news when it happens news radio ten eighty KRLD says sixty seven degrees in coming up is preparing for the stock show in their new venue will talk about it coming out but first let's get a check of your traffic and weather together on the aid to sue is Nielsen big of a problem for those making their way along thirty one of them in garland on the ramp from south on bush turnpike to westbound thirty a stalled in the right lane little bit of a slow down there now once you're on the thirty heading west get the song from highway eighty heading over to just before Jim Miller got an accident and the three left lanes Tony also give you a heads up on that couple of issues on thirty five looked it over to John wolf on the northbound side right downtown underneath little Rogers in the left lane blocked off in coming through Carrollton southbound on thirty five E. also the left lane this was just before belt line not causing a big back up but it did affect people getting on or off the express lanes south Dallas cellphone sixty seven passed keys have no active but I didn't see any type of serious blockage in it is the right the lighter side let's head over to Randy fuller look in the drive thru for work north loop eight twenty eastbound right at the interchange the heaviest part of the back up because of the stall in a well my friend of in the area that's backing up the second all made it is slow to Aizawl Avenue and north bound east with a twenty that slow from Randall bill the highway ten and Ulysses found one eighty three three sixty definite stall there is in the left lane that slowing traffic back to one twenty one also still seeing some slow travel on six thirty five if you're heading westbound from mile high thirty heading up towards garland wrote another popular slow traffic from seventy five heading over towards the Dallas north tollway southbound seventy five saying like to monitor traffic volumes out from Plano heading down the Richardson the six thirty five interchange I'm sure he'll so you're not supported seven twenty eight a break in traffic alerts when they happen yes now for exigent our chief meteorologist and burn off is in in the window that too looks dumb are they up already and I'm only.

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