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Child's toy up willia-. I can't hang around if reva. It's almost time for my coffee. Break ship is collapsing around us about another location nearest exit. Follow me walter. Visible force field. Shield us don't mean to be pushy and nothing but low red mon. Oh there's the portal. Hold tight susan rama. Stop but will we make it in time in the hospital. Talking about reading on can help a think back to when franken born your nephew forgotten how open things were back. Looking back then read hitler. It's time for request that radiation was about to kill both her and the baby. Only one element could save them in terms of finding even braving the natives on get pretty hairy but we wouldn't with wouldn't give up no matter how overwhelming odds kept stacking up against us that while the lives state eventually is the termination paid off. That's the spirit johnny. Any men can be destroyed. Some will never know defeat. But something new seems to be bothering you just wondering the franklin. How'd you asked that question. Johnny has somewhere else. The teenage were known as franklin richards. battles for control of his very mind for the past few months malice has resided within susan. Richards subconscious influencing her every thought and action recently. She mind leapt into young men. A sciatic of immeasurable power and now they both for supremacy. The cyber wars brutal was not even a hint of mercy until museum big flashlight than franklin standing. There was evil look face. A victories claimed shaved close. I haven't seen a shave that closed Grievous tripped butthead with a chainsaw a gladys at least release a quasar a little bit Barrio where we go quasar. That's right very funny then. Concentrate very funny. Ben in your topical humor concentrate on getting us home on the rest of us figure out what to do with our guests. I expect to be treated as an interstellar prisoner of war shut up. I know what i'd like to do. You know your shark was guilty of crimes against the banaria. I insisted on his captures. The ghosts of my race by sisters. Who helped murder could be laid to rest. Nation never know peace until he has been slain by what of their own. She flies out on with her staff impales tomorrow. No no. I never witnessed anything so calculating cold blooded and yet. I'm so revolted by the brutality of her act. Or because i see so much of the woman. I have recently become chimera like destined to become as heartless killer as she. Just a legacy. Malices left me susan. please wait. Tried to calm down. you don't understand. I've seen too much violence too much. Death and destruction the unrelenting stress and strain is finally getting the me you needed to face it alone. Meanwhile around the corner of the corridor and what take at slimy fish faced freak long to move in on the unappy beddoe yet Need now ardor at nova read. It was only a matter of time before she turned to stone. Oughta on mike. Stay no contest or you choose. Viewed needed a shoulder to cry on ants prince or we moore's impact hospital doctor. I also patients spill skills that since she was reduced spongy state sometimes it happens during pregnancy during labor. What is that. I'm not sure it looks like some kind of implant. We went to high. Put it aside. We can't worry about it now. The baby's on the way. I can almost feel it. It looks oh my god. What's taking so long. And he went told us anything yet. Johnny these things take time. What if something has gone wrong. You will come to far johnny. You must listen panic now. Wait look who has arrived. Johnny sternly word letter or the baby yet to come from then dropped us off in the hospitals roof. He's out looking for a place. The part this stealth hawked figures. He'd probably hovering over the back streets. Cheapest bring a meter mr storm. I have news well. What is it knocker. Graham at something happened elijah. no she. She'll be fine in vevey mr storm. I don't know how begin. I don't exactly know what to say in all my years. I've never experienced anything like this. It's an egg like a big golden. So did the disturbance crossover just lay an egg. Oh what do you mean so. Yes so the ocean part of star blasts is tied up thoughts. Continue go ahead. Yes but not covering the us not even turns out to be a real baby not a baby up any thoughts. Yeah there were haven't yet. I don't know man. It was like it was sort of a weird. If you were just a regular fantastic for reader. I mean this kind of a strange period for them anyway. Owning richardson the book and things like that have been having school cross scarred and relegated to being the the scotty the enterprise role i mean the fantastic four stuff was interesting. Lodges baby and stopped. But it's like what the star blast up what happened. They tracked down slime. They shot his ship then dug him out of the wreckage right. What's her name stabbing now. The story and you get a little wilder won't name our sube richards. I'm trying to remember. Didn't slime at people working for him or it's just like. Oh yeah he's dead. Yeah we're good right so it was a i mean it looks. Good it all ryan all running. Yeah moved some flashbacks but you know. Sorta suffering from got a big pot of strange characters. Just they'll fight for few panels. Pull pullback back in just doesn't affect the ultimately that much but they had just been skeleton basically charm in his in his in his identity ribs deadly deadly rooms yet no fence. But i i don't know i i think it'll.

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