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Should be running that operation the president of the organization in this case it's just puppet set up by wing year and his cronies. Don't forget his cronies. So ted resigned but the latest one in one of the really sad wasn't surprised at all because i talk to him. Buzz meals owner of gunsight. Just resigned a couple of days ago. Buzz good guy marine. He went there to fight the good fight. He knows politics. He knows finances. He knows how to run a business in every time you try to do something that he got to. The point of basically just be ignored even on the board. Your he's asking questions in the staff up there. We'll not answer the question. They look down at their feet. Starting respond nobody says anything. It's like something out of a weird movie or something and then of course the straw that broke the camel's back on a lot of this is the. Nra is losing. From what i am here. Areas losing its director insurance. They will have no insurance to cover. Its board of directors from liability. What made it worse as they wouldn't tell the board purposely didn't tell the board they were losing their liability insurance. I think i mentioned that in his letter. You can't says you cannot expect people to volunteer to be on the board of when you don't have insurance to protect them and of course to hide it from the directors and directors found out about it. I think look around going. Well i'm not going to be on the hook for whatever happens if we don't have insurance. I'm out. I think you're gonna see a lot more of that. Best line of the week for me was the line said wayne. Beer and susan lapierre's his wife are the jim and tammy faye bakker of the second amendment with the number of people. They have betrayed the amount of money that has been misspent misused misappropriated who knows taken. I don't know fairly certain that the new york attorney general office knows fairly certain that the irs criminal investigative division knows. I think it's entirely possible. Slash likely that there will be criminal. Indictments of a number of those people wouldn't even be surprised if they pull some kind of media stunt do it at the nra annual meetings in houston in a month that would play. I mean come on the attorney. General's office of new york just had the whole deal about andrew. Cuomo governor cuomo. They liked publicity interesting..

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