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In the central. Song to the film somebody's baby. The reference of the Great Song Somebody's baby is to what what actually ends up being the central character of the flick and that is stacey played to perfection by Jennifer Jason Leigh Funny Thing, is that if you notice Sean Penn gets top billing as the coli but like the book, it really is the story of Stacey and her growing up at that moment in history. She's the central character and in nineteen eighty teen comedy sex romps. The ladies were never the central character. So that is a pleasant surprise. Anyway, she is somebody's baby, of course in the end. Is Mark Ratner's. The rat hey, did you know the guy rat was modeled on a went onto write those for dummies books? About that crazy thing when you're doing the research, of course, Danny coach, my wrote somebody's baby along with Jackson Browne by the way Russ Kunkel plays drums on it as well. And there is the Stevie Nicks Song not on the soundtrack but in the film sleeping angel, with wate playing Guitar let's face it. Stevie don't go anywhere without Wadi Oh and it's mixed by our good friend recording legend Shell. US. Lots of immediate family references, lots of Pantheon podcast breath. Just by association that is. Shelly make it even weirder. You know I had a conversation with Robert Marg laugh this week and he produced the ongoing go song. Who knew in forty years after the release of this seminal film I'd be talking to so many people associated with it was weird I. I saw the film. I saw Danny's name while the credits rolled listen to the PGA Bongo Song as the credits rolled and there's Danny there's Richard and I said I'm Gonna I'm GonNa make the end of this about fast times ridgemont hides. It's kind of a little in the site geist all maybe a little pass when you listen to this but. Seemed like the the appropriate thing and then I went into this rabbit hole and found all kinds of people that we have spoken to that have been associated with with the the film so. Anyway That was fun side trip and I think it says that we are talking to some really great people who did some really amazing things for music over the years. Okay. That is it. For this week next week, I'll be doing a two part series on the Record Label Little Village Foundation first up I had the pleasure to speak with label president, Jim Pugh, and then I will release my interview with the sons of the soul. Revival. Who Bridge Gospel, Soul, and early rock and roll the their leader. dwayne. Morgan will join us the week after Jim and his team of unique musicians. Are. Really, a special story I want to highlight and I really loved the new record by the sons. So please tune into these two upcoming shows. I'll leave you with a last bit of coach. But in the guise of Ronnie pudding because. Movies and music, right? Okay. Until then I vote early and often and then. Keep.

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