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I used a punch like just a center punch for something, and I flip it over in. There's h on the side. I'm like, this is my Grandpa's punch. I had no idea. Getting tools from, you know, my my dad or never met my grandpa, but my dad was over a Mike. I think this is your dad still, probably like that's awesome. Crazy to think that like would have thought that he bought this tool. You know, sixty years ago in his grandson, it'd be using. It's kinda cool. I've got my grandad's Dunlap Jack plane and he died two days before I was born. So it's, you know, there's there's something cool about, you know, I think I used to probably like nice clean stuff, but it's really neat. Sometimes getting tool that an old tool that has somebody's initials. That's kind of cool. It's like, thanks Ernie. Whoever Ernie is whatever things I love about the wooden buddy planes that I have is in the one end of the plane. You have the maker's Mark, but in the other, the other end of the plane, you often have like seven or eight stamps from the. Workers have used it over the hundreds of years of its life, so cool. And so you kinda, you have no idea who these are, who's people are, but you know what this tool has produced. A lot of other things for a lot of other people makes it a lot of enjoy coal St. one-day tools. So. I think we're all in agreement that no, we would not give up our entire shopfloor tools for the tools that we thing that we, I think that there are people who just, you know, they jump into it and heavily money, and they go and buy the best of the best. And I think that they're kinda missing out on the enjoyment of of learning and growing because at that point they're buying a tool as a tool and not as in, it's not something that you're going to be learning all those steps and things history of becoming a maker. Absolutely. And and so I know that, you know, I, I've got a relationship grizzly now and got you know, nice tools in my shop. But when I was starting to build my shop, you know it was these Craigslist finds in James your hand to guide power tool related. But you know, all these Craigslist finds of, you know, my planer which was made in the early nineties had sat in someone's garage. Needed, you know, full tuneup. All the pieces were there and learning. You know how that machine works. The engine behind it was like totally invaluable. Versus, you know, if I just bought a brand new, you know, whatever that were perfectly. And then when something's are go wrong or getting snipe player or something going, I don't know. But now like I know how the machine works, so it's like, oh, I can just tweak this and it's not a big deal if I'm giving that. So I agree with you that you know, just spending lots of money right off the bat is is not a way to go at it. Cool. I think those are questions this week, but foot accusers challenge. We were going to pick a winner this week, but we only have two injuries in one of those entries is mine. Oh. Oh, the other guy wins. So we're gonna because we only had opened for one week. We're going to hold it open for the second week like we normally do. So we'll pick a winner next time and it should be on Thursday next week, right Thursday. So I had an idea. So I think I think showed it's, he gets last week that will hammer that with a grain handle that action to off. So I was thinking we need to do some collaboration between the three of us and that would be really cool. And then we could like either auction offer something use that money to finally by our podcast shirts or whatever something, you know, something that we can use forgive way, but I was thinking I could forge. I don't know if it'd be a handle or something, but I could like Ford, maybe hammerhead or something when he gets do the handle, and then I don't know what the other person will do..

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