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Suni five mobile engineers montreal using this tool era dan day out right and so bringing in more people just broadening that horizon that's that's just making it better exactly does seem to be a new business model isn't it that we're happier when our frameworks are open source in shared and then it's what we build within the becomes our competitive edge and you guys have been cranking them out to right i mean like i said it's been four years but how many apps have you built with this thing over two hundred what it's our business rate that's all we've been doing a pass obviously we've diversified in a web and ver and other cloud offerings but the core of our business today remains building largescale mobile apps both enterprise and consumer great yes amazing the primarily for customers you're paid to build those apps you're not yes you not only hunter coming coming up with weird new apps and trying to find revenue streams for them fully true yeah the other aspect of the business model of open is a you are gonna meet customers who liked this framework that are looking for tech support for that are want to sign a service contract for longterm not for the kobe's itself but for access to skilled people in i guess that that's a potential business for anybody who gets talented with this framework yes and we are already seeing agencies that are interested in looking in providing feedback as to what we build with renault and are willing and open to give it a try so we're welcome.

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