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I just. Get it. I really don't. It doesn't make any fucking sense to me as to why the NFL hall of fame is. So why don't they want? Like, why don't they wanna make a big weekend of what kind of staggering shit is this like we want no idea they'll make fucking like. I don't know the gym. I can't say yes, you do. You have any NFL players in the hall of fame. I only players. He asked me I said seventeen and he was like, no, no. I mean total. I was like no I understood the question like it's three hundred even then I was like your tone only that over all the football fifty five man rosters twenty two men on the field at the same time. We have three hundred there were like those guys were good. I've never been the cat. And I assume the pro football fame is like one room I've been that's the thing. I've been there. The pro football fame is amazing. Just imagine a more mazing. It'd be for the people got in there when they were supposed to get in there. Atlas? I know one thing if Ed reads, not first ballot Bill is gonna shoot up the hall of fame. That's might be with. He has over. Everybody's like you, you know, Billy's in the back with the with Yasser now that like Bilbao Jack respected a lot of players and his day. I don't think there's anyone he's like fawned over more than Ed Reed. Yeah. He and another Richard Seymour. I don't think he gets in. I can't imagine. He gets Richard save. Or was a pro Donald thinking, it's in then they. To contribute. Pat, bolan the owner of the Broncos which I mean, I'm surprised he's not already in. I don't think this would be the year to put him in now and gillibrand Twitter favorite Gil Brandt might be going into the hall. Oh boy. And Johnny Robinson. He's the he's the career ended more than twenty five years ago. Deci- the wet cola. There's another name that that I'm pretty sure he isn't in yet. But I wanna make sure before. I'm looking at Johnny Robinson stance. Why? Okay. Johnny Robson should be an Ave. All right. It would not no I get it. If if someone were the all time postseason sack leader. Do you feel like that should be enough to get into the hall of fame? I see a need to see some. 'cause it's mcginnis threat that sure is. Yeah. Because I remember I saw like Terrell suggs gonna break like Terrell sides. Probably the next person a flight will walk into the hall of fame choice if he breaks the postseason sack record. But McGuinness has no all pros. Yeah. He's basically, title all know walk. No. But some tile made five pro bowls for sufferers and Willie mcginest late to and I don't know how that's even humanly possible. I'm that's he was on the patriot all nineties and two thousand steam it may to pro bowls. That's pretty good won three Superbowls. He and he's got. I mean, he's our patriots hall of fame. He is not getting the real. No, you only have one season of double digit sacks one. I don't know if Bruce Smith got to an unannounced. Bruce miss in the hall of fame yet. They might be like I I need to see. I may Guinness his best shot is he just keeps working at the NFL network for twenty more years when they just slide him in because. Yeah, I mean, his his regular season stats for share aren't good enough. But I mean, you talk about fucking hog, Molly. He was he I think that enduring did you ever go back onto are not now it was like he was there with the NFL. He just went to the side. And it was just him him just showing Myles Garrett moves for like, thirty minutes. So yeah, if that's going to be mcginnis move. So like by this he's analysts and all the players are like, oh, yeah. Now, you helped me when I was young. Then yet he might get into down the right? I went to I didn't go to the game on Sunday. I just went to patriot place to watch. With the lady too, and they were doing like the NFL like on location shot that they send it to every fucking. When like NFL network, we go to New England check in with each fucking people..

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