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Actually couldn't have both been on the list found a a spot for Infinity war, which you know, it's not about rewarding films that do really well the box office. But it did. And it was also was Black Panther. It really had a cultural moment why not just stick them. Both in the list. You know, they're not gonna win situation. They might be waiting game. I am really pleased to see Black Panther get his costume and production design, both of which Donna Shing and were overlooked other ceremony. So I think that's what we really really good news. There are there's a fantastic Sean winning in those categories to be honest. Well, but the endgame thing is really intrigued me that's really treatment ethic next year and games going to sweep the board thirteen Oscars record and the first movie to ever win for best actor best actress best supporting actor best supporting supporting actor best supporting supporting supporting actor based game. Santa's big casts that are going to give lots of. Gauntlets tones always got to be in the running for best thunnus, right? Chris, of course, to Donald thanks for everything to the new more. Fried green, San is at the whistle. Stop cafe. That's also a big year. Films curious case of. Who knows should we go through category by category and just briefly not all the categories. So we start over best live action short. That's go through the best live action short. Of course, Martin. That's fair. All right. That's go. Best director, Spike Lee for black klansman outta McKay. For white president. Feis ski for Cold War phone squad on for Roma on your goals. Lengthy moss for the favorite. That jenkins? But otherwise, it's. Jenkins. I would add some of the women actually who've had amazing years this year Lynne Ramsay. I think did a stunning job Debra Granik for leave. No trace. I think it's a it's a polling that that's been overlooked to the Senate has been they had the chance if people are talking about them like they're being extremely forward thinking and inclusive this year, and that's true an extent but best right to shows. They're still quite a long way to go Ramsey could well be nominated for hard to cripple with a list of. Well, I would quibble with Adam McKay personally. But that's just me. The man had a heart attack to might not fill. He didn't the film saved his life the films done enough for him. All ready. This is spike Lee's first Oscar nomination. It's amazing in the you're right. I mean, it could go to spike just because there is that sense of him. Martin Scorsese where my wrist. We haven't given this to thirty years ago. More More embarrassed embarrassed. gave They it gave to the. it to the well, I know. Argue that actually it is in barricading. They didn't give him a note for do the right thing. And therefore, they might just give him the. Snubbed category. Now people this is not to denigrate in any way, the people have been nominated that say the oldest denominations, but you could easily have formed a category with these six names name's Debra Granik. I'm gonna include Debra Granik, Paul king for Paddington to should be up for every category ever understand. What else go were thinking? They're idiots morons. It was never going to be running. Sadly, but it it should have been just shoot of Hugh Grant should have been. We'll get to them Christopher MacQuarie for mission impossible fallout. I mean, that's an astonishing chief indirection, and that's what this is about. Right. Bart. Layton for American animals to pull together the way, he did it then melding sort of documentary and fiction. Great Lynne Ramsay for. You will never really here. My favorite films last year and boots. Riley presided by the maze didn't say Ryan cooker. What about Bradley Cooper what becouse unrighteous? Okay. So let's stick rank cougar in the list. Honest, Bradley Cooper in the list as well. And then call holding off that's move on very quickly now, then two best animated feature. This is interesting. Ralph breaks the internet Mirai incredible to I love dogs and Spiderman into the spider. I yes, now, the good thing is that this one the producers guild award for animated film, which is traditionally a pretty good, you know, indicator which way the wind is blowing having said that it isn't this year in the best documentary category. The winner there was won't you be my neighbor, and isn't even know meters. The Oscar which is bizarre, but I hope that that gives Spiderman edge because..

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