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Difficulty and hardship I'm Lisa Brady fox news the White House it knowledge and that's reflected in the latest snapshot of the US economy it shrank in the first quarter though most business another shutdowns occurred in mid March there was a dramatic impact on the U. S. economy for the entire first quarter the gross domestic product which measures goods and services produced in the U. S. declined four point eight percent in the period it's the steepest contraction since the last recession the report reflects the early impact of widespread disruptions caused by initiatives to contain the virus most economists are expecting an even larger drop off in activity in the second quarter because the economy's been mostly shut down in April JinkoSolar fox news but the White House says the president's policies have put the nation on a responsible path to re open soon in a merger the growing a prosperous economy more states are trying to turn a corner easing restrictions Tennessee retailers are now allowed to open at fifty percent capacity and Wisconsin is leading nonessential businesses offer curbside pickup as of today Louisiana governor John bel Edwards has a meeting in the oval office in a statement the democratic governor details he plans to tell the president the state will re open more businesses next month and how it plans to increase its corona virus testing capabilities to two hundred thousand monthly Louisiana continues to deal with covert nineteen cases predominantly in New Orleans both the governor and the president are expected to make public comments later today fox is Evan brown the U. S. now has more deaths from corona virus than from the Vietnam War over fifty eight thousand three hundred as the number of total confirmed cases climbs further over one million with more than two hundred eighteen thousand deaths worldwide a big rally on Wall Street despite the GDP numbers the Dow has been up about five hundred points America is listening to fox news this report is sponsored by compassion international it continues with one oh six one FM talk only a handful of lawmakers showed up in person for the start of the special session of the North Carolina General Assembly Tuesday Richard Stalin reports mostly Questor themselves inside their offices or work from home those who did enter the chambers had to first have their temperatures taken legislative building was closed to.

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