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And she she meets this musical score writer who's Jack Black. He's in a relationship, but then everything buttons up at the end. And, of course, his girlfriend leaves him. So they get together and I just have to say I cannot stand Cameron Diaz in this movie. She has so many facial expressive expression. She's just like She's just like, Oh, I'm such a mass. I hate girls that are not a mess who try to act like they're a mess. For instance, Why don't they make people in movies actually look hungover if they are She's how old she too beautiful, so hung over. She has perfect makeup and hair. I want pit stains. I want bad hair, dark circles. Sleep in your eyes. Just some crossed around your mouth and then her running to the bathroom to drink a gallon of water. That's what it's like to be hungover. Not Cameron Diaz going Oh, God in her terrible acting. Just trying to act like she's hung over. And then I also wrote down Sometimes the street the screen goes black. And I'm okay with that Something happened with the movie wasn't learning. It was just like voices, but it was just black. Um, may I ask you a question? Um, now again, Because Alexis, I I reached I reached into the cavernous. Uh okay. That is my chest and I found a heart and I purchased this film for dawn. So she could watch it at her leisure. Um, how many sittings? Did it take you to make it to the holiday? Thank you. That's another thing. It was so long. It was like two hours and 17 minutes 17 minutes. I broke it up into four different segments. Okay. Um, One of them was why it was measuring out my ingredients while I was getting ready to cook. Um, And then I just broke it up into like if emcee was taking a nap, and I was out in the living room, 30 more minutes here, 30 minutes. They're just so that I could stand it. Oh, God. It's just awful. And I also wrote down. I can't believe they're 45 minutes left yet in this movie thing, then there was a party get this. Now the video has stopped and I can't move it forward. So I so I don't know how I did this, but I was trying to do something. I bumped it and it went back a whole chapter. So I couldn't move it forward. It wouldn't load so I had to watch. I just let it roll and I just walked away. It would get caught up to the part that I was I was at and I know this is all over the place, but I was just so Off, and I know what ways of neighbor the neighbor, the neighbor guy, our third the screenwriter, I guess that was kind of suede. You know, it's the only part that I love Kate Winslet. So that was tolerable. Jack Black was doing his normal jack black stuff, which was kind of old. I was like, whatever you know, Yeah. Like If I could just have the Kate Winslet story. I'd be fine with that. Like, just make that a movie. But this Cameron, I can't stand her. So it was really hard to watch. It was just but.

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