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Ended. 45 years ago. 1976 so fast I remind. Wait a second Uncle Charlie. That's songs from 64. Well, yeah, but it was this day in 1976 former Beatle George Harrison found guilty. Subconscious plagiarism of the chiffons hit. He's so fine in his my sweet Lord. After five years of appeals. The decision cost George about a half million dollars. 1985 Richard Ramirez Nightstalker in California, captured by the residents of an East Los Angeles, Mario Ramirez died in prison in 2013 while awaiting execution. Where is he? On the pantheon of serial killers. Mr. T. I was not even in my top 10, Not Are you in the top 10? No. I mean nightstalker kill. I think it was like 18 19 something like that. How sad is that? You kill 18 19 people And you're not in the top 10 of serial killers? Yeah, he was just average. 34 years ago. 1987 that you've been hit back smooth. Michael Jackson releases his bad album, Man in the Mirror. Smooth Criminal. Just can't stop loving you The way you make me feel And, of course, smooth criminal band called Alien Ant Farm. Did a pretty damn good rendition of that tune. By the way. This was the day 1997. Princess Diana. Dodi Al Fayed, and they're drunk French chauffeur on rape all died in a car crash in Paris. And 22 years ago. 1999 ready to run Do is have giggsy chicks. Now just the chicks released their filth. Their fifth album, fly. Featuring goodbye, Earl and ready to run charity. Would you like to hear something extremely entertaining? Please? This morning when I asked Mr T to grab me ready to run by the Dixie Chicks for this segment, he was singing.

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