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The year was two thousand and seventeen at been at. At and t. For about four years and my teams working michael will willed machine. You have to know that in house. It didn't have much staff by then. I hit two time. People one in los angeles shout out to schuyler resale in one here in dallas adlon literal. Who's now at mary. Kay the rest of my team was agency. I had five different agency. Teams from three different agencies. Supporting me across several different segments is what we call them. Remember a did diversity and inclusion corporate communications which amounts to multicultural communications. But one of my prime clients if you will in house the. Bu was human resources diversity and inclusion in the chief diversity officer each year. I pushed my teams to give me more. It wasn't enough to just come to me with heritage programs. Do you know what. I mean by that black history month hispanic heritage month pride month. We needed to do more. We needed to show that we had a commitment to each of these communities by being showing up touching the people in having a consistent trump beat of conversation with the segments every member classically telling my crew from flowers communications group. When i first met them. Do not. bring me gospel choirs when we're talking about the african american segment. I had the same admonishment for each one of the teams shout out to ten advertising out on the west coast who handled all of my asian calms. Shout to fleishman hillard. Fleishman hillard is a humongous communications in integrated marketing company. And it might be to some counterintuitive to have them on diversity inclusion business because they aren't exactly in mba however this group of practitioners as smart as they were was smart enough to have capabilities internally that support it certain segments they would support me on hispanic and latino calms. They also support me on lgbtq ira at the time we just call it lgbt. They added some letters after and they also helped me with the ability segment at first Disability as we were more informed that evolved we call it s ability market in. They also supported me on the women's segment. Which would evolve from their out somewhere during that timeframe fleischmann not only which year the teams that were dedicated to my business but they always brought resources to the table. One day i remember going into a conference room to discuss a campaign that never got off the ground. But i'm telling you if we had gotten it funded it would have won awards less p. Some of you know what that means. Yeah and i kinda learn how to it. Had i do. Fleischmann brought some resource team members to the table. And that's the day that i walked in and i thought i saw sarah jessica parker sitting at the table. Okay what was that. I had to comment her. Name is candice peterson. Candice is the lead of the global practice that supports consumer brand marketing for fleishman hillard. Across all of the marquee accounts. Candace was a big gun. But i gotta tell you all of the big guns. Fleishman hillard are humble. Don't tout their titles. Some of them are senior partners. But i'm telling you they're smart and while my team. My core team was very smart in doing their brought the big gun to the table. When it came to consumer facing programs. I was pleased to hear the creativity that was coming from candidates in the rest of the team. It was thinking that i hadn't heard before candy. And i started calling her candy. Satan contact over time. We never did get to work together specifically on that campaign or others but we had a mutual respect. Candy joins me for this episode of the culture suit podcast because recently i saw an article where she was included. She talked about a topic that we're going to talk about today woke washing. I won't tell you what that means. You'll hear more as we go along. But in the meantime i have to tell you fleishman hillard is how do they put it family. They place an age after the f. In the word family for f h. It's where i had my first public relations job reporting to ashley blaker. You'll probably meet ashley at some point. Who knows but ashes very important to me but without further ado. I want to introduce to some but not everybody. 'cause candice is a heavyweight in the industry. Candice peterson my friend and consumer brand marketing expert. Okay everybody thanks so much for joining us. Today i have candice peterson. See is managing director of consumer brand marketing. There's the lead of the entire global practice at fleishman hillard candy michelle. Yes and she's also the host of back of napkin. Podcasts you gotta check that out and you want to tell us a little bit about that sir. Yeah it's um pot marketing topics in the time that you can eat lunch and so we talked to folks in the market about some of the hot topics and you know kind of at t up for our conversation today. That's for sure. Absolutely you know i was very very blessed to be a part of your podcast just a few months ago. Maybe a little bit more and Recently you were part of an article that medium published about how brands can stand out in a very very crowded and competitive space. There was some great.

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