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Aim at oil gas and coal at a new set of executive orders in my view. We've already waited too long to do climate crisis. We can't wait any longer. The orders target federal subsidies for oil and other fossil fuels and they halt new oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters. They also aim to conserve thirty percent of the country's land and ocean waters over the next decade and move to an all electric federal vehicle. Fleet biden has set a goal of eliminating pollution from fossil fuel. The power sector by twenty thirty five and from the us economy overall by twenty fifty. But he insisted on wednesday that he does not intend to try and ban fracking. Former secretary of state john kerry now serves as the biden administration's special envoy for climate. He told reporters wednesday the stakes climate change just simply couldn't be any higher than they are right now It is existential. Carey said simply rejoining the paris. Climate accord is not enough and bold action is needed. Republicans immediately criticized the plan. Johnson killer the us military sent an apparent warning to iran in the form of a b. Fifty to fly over in the middle east anna. Joe hansen brown reports. The pentagon said the beef fifty two bomber recently flew nonstop to the middle east from louisiana's barksdale air force base. Us central command later. Posted pictures of the bomber flying alongside saudi air force f. Fifteen fighter jets. The military didn't mention iran by name. But it said the flyover was meant to quote deter potential aggression. The flights had become common in the final months of president trump's administration but this is the first such show of force under president biden. The president has expressed a desire to return to the two thousand fifteen nuclear agreement if iran honors the terms of the deal reporting for world. I'm ana johannesen brown. Russian police on wednesday raided the moscow apartment of opposition leader. Alexey navalny along with another residence where his wife has living. They also searched the offices of his anti-corruption organization leonid volkov is head of divall news organization. He said police carried out the raid over alleged epidemiological or sanitary violations. The search comes amid rising tensions over in of all name as thousands of protesters have taken to the streets demanding his release authorities arrested him at a moscow airport earlier this month. After he returned from germany he spent months. They're recovering after being poisoned with a soviet era nerve agent recently declassified. Us intelligence appears to support the theory that the corona virus may have come from a laboratory in wuhan china. World's kristen flavin has more. The outgoing trump administration declassified the intel earlier this month it centers on the wuhan institute of virology a high security lab with links to the chinese military. The intelligence revealed that several employees at the laboratory got sick in the fall of twenty nineteen and showed symptoms consistent with covid nineteen. Us intelligence officers also found that the chinese military has conducted research on biological warfare at that very same laboratory and an intel report stated that accidental infections in labs have caused several previous virus outbreaks in china and elsewhere including a two thousand four sars outbreak in beijing reporting for world. I'm kristen flavin. Actress claris leach man has died. Award-winning acting career. Spanned more than seventy years and nineteen seventy-one leach won the oscar for best supporting actress for her role in the last picture show and she won a collection of emmy awards for tv. Hits including the mary tyler moore show and malcolm in the middle and it's one thousand eleven interview leeann explained why she always loved her work acting.

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