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Is this guy can handle it. Does you know what he's doing. And it's clear to me that he obviously bill belichick because he instituted a lot of his principles and it took them all the way that the playoffs now in health. They had one of the weaker schedules in football. But at the end of the day you still have to line up and play in the nfl and winning football game. No matter who you play against. The nfl is not an easy task. I mean yesterday you take the pats on the nfl today to win by at least a touchdown. So you're on the money with that. The game was probably a little bit closer than the final score indicated. But how did you. What did you think of the just performance yesterday was about what you expected would happen exactly what i expected. What happened. you know they. They were good. They didn't do anything to embarrass themselves. And you know this time. Bill belichick and tom brady. Were ready for that on offense of standpoint the last time they played the jets got off from great blitzes. They were not prepared to block. Those blitzes the offensive lineman running backs and tight ends in response to who is supposed to block. Who the last time. They played really made a lot of mistakes. But this time around. Everybody was sure as who they were supposed to block. Tom brady knew the free blitzer. What does he knew when the throw. And they went after andre dyson early in this game because you know he was coming off of a knee. Injury expose that particular weakness in the jets defense but at the end of the day you know the patriots are a team that is loaded. They got great defensive lineman they have tremendous tremendous quarterback they have a very good offensive line running game and pretty good special teams you know. And they played in their building on a new surface faster surface. It wasn't as muddy as it was back in november. So it's not surprising to any of the tom. Brady and bill belichick figured out. How to handle. Eric mangini blitzes. Yeah they looked a lot less confused. They did the last time they played whatever adjustments they made. They symbol much more comfortable in again yesterday. You could tell it right from the opening drive. But what i tell people. All the time in the nfl for young quarterback is all about identifying who is blitzing who is blocking who who is responsible for the blitzer if there. Isn't anybody responsible to block them. Then it's the quarterbacks responsibility get rid of it and is the hardest thing for young quarterbacks to really master is to understand where those players come in from yesterday like you saw was a vintage playoff hardened experienced football team on the new england patriots. Handle all those things. But like i said the jets were well into this game into the fourth quarter. They kind of got away from them. The last couple of drives but other than that i think. They represented themselves very well. How far away do you think they get into the next level. I mean they probably need an every down back what is it. Do you think the jets need to upgrade to maybe take a another step forward. Well if you ask me the defense actually played pretty good down the stretch. I mean they only gave up a fourteen fourteen or less points in seven of their last eight games not counting the patriot game thoughts still think their defense needs to probably get another pass rusher Another set of defensive lineman to help spell the ones that are there that the front the front level guys now and they probably need a play making quarterback without question You right on in an assessment and every down big time back..

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